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Total no. of registrations decreased from 13.56 lakhs for JEE (Main), 2014 to 13.03 lakhs for JEE (Main), 2015. The number came down to 12.07 lakhs this year i.e. a slump in the number of aspirants by 1 lac. Believe me, this is a good sign too!

Education, being one of the major essence of employment and well-being, has always promoted the exchange of knowledge between students and teachers. In India where numerous tough competitive exams are conducted, coaching classes found a place for such an exchange sometime during late 80s and early 90s. It has been an ever growing industry since then. However, due to recent changes, things are poised to change in future. Let me tell you why JEE coaching classes are not poised to stand in the long run.

Increased play of Boards in selection criteria

During my JEE preparations, I remember overlooking the importance of Board examinations, mainly because of the time I had to dedicate to my Coaching Classes. This was due to minimal role Boards played in the selection criteria i.e. 60% rejection criteria. In 2013, HRD ministry changed the criteria of JEE selection from 60 % rejection criteria to ‘be amongst top 80% of the JEE (Main) participants’ to be able to sit for JEE (Advanced). The syllabus of JEE (Main) is also more aligned with the CBSE board syllabus, with addition of semi conductors, communications and many others to the common topics. This further adds to the importance of boards.

Online Test Alternative

JEE mains offers a choice between online and offline examination mode. If we carefully analyse the two modes, online clearly stands a winner according to me. You can refer a point by point comparison available here Apart from the extra 6 days (not a major reason), in online mode answers can be marked or changed with a simple click compared to the otherwise tedious marking the bubble offline. Although currently offline mode is opted by majority due to convention & absence of technical glitches, this is bound to change if feedback is considered.’Filling the OMR was pretty easy compared to last year when I appeared for the offline version’ , ‘Online was very comfortable’, ‘It tells us how many questions we have attempted and we can also change our mistakes’ were the responses when asked to compare online and offline mode by India Today.

Now, one of the major reasons for enrollment in coaching classes is the test platform they offer. Since online option is available now, students can prepare at home and take practice tests online. This is bound to hit offline coaching classes’ share of JEE participants hard.

Online Preparation Platforms & Readily available internet

Apart from tests, online preparation platforms are also available for the aspirants. From rigorous doubt sessions to video lectures available, the online method is being used as a tool by students these days. More and more students are enrolling themselves for online preparation platforms thereby decreasing the share of coaching classes. The smart phone era has also given an impetus to the growth of online education sector.

Increased interest in other fields

Another very important reason for the decreasing popularity of coaching classes is the increasing awareness among both students and parents about other fields. Students who used to blindly go for JEE in the past, are looking for other equally good opportunities in their interest area. Total no. of registrations decreased from 13.56 lakhs for JEE (Main), 2014 to 13.03 lakhs for JEE (Main), 2015. The number came down to 12.07 lakhs this year i.e. a slump in the number of aspirants by 1 lac. Believe me, this is a good sign too!

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