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There’s something about IIT Bombay. Maybe it’s the campus, maybe the people, maybe the faculty or just something in the air that is enthralling. It’s proven by the fact that year after year, a majority of the JEE toppers opt for it. So, what makes the institute a favourite?

If you ask me, I would say that there’s this magnetism about IIT-B that I cannot explain. I don’t say that it does not exist in the other IITs, but the pull of IIT-B is much stronger. When I was making my choice, I went by what I had heard from others. Many told me that life at IIT-B is fantastic. And after spending a few years on the campus, I couldn’t agree more.


The Alluring Campus Life

Spread over 550 acres of lush green area and situated right in the heart of the financial capital of India, the best thing about IIT Bombay is the campus itself. Life at IIT-Bombay is the perfect amalgamation of fun and studies. While the classes and assignments keep me busy during the morning and late nights, the rest of the day allows me to pursue my hobbies and interests. Many of my friends also find peace in playing cricket and football in the hostel grounds, while some of us head to the Student Activity Centre to play Badminton or go for a swim. When I am not into sports or busy with the IIT-B club activities, all I do is catch up on some sleep.

Societies, Conferences, Events, Magazines, and Much More

Life at IIT Bombay is totally packed with curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. When I am not organizing a club/team event, I am busy participating in them. Students of SJMSoM actively participate in various events conducted both by IIT-Bombay and other B-schools. We have L!VE – the bi-annual magazine of SJMSoM, which is published by the PR Team. It includes articles of students/faculty from several colleges, major events organized at SJMSoM, interviews of Alumni, interview of major events/competitions winners, etc.

Those Secret Corridors and Special Hangouts

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s a complete secret as such. But Satish canteen in H-1 is unarguably one of the most common hangout places for both boys and girls. Hostel -1 ground floor’s, fourth wing is the noisiest, and hence called the hangout place for guys. Apart from this, the humongous campus has many options for hangouts like Campus Hub, Brew berry’s, Powai Lake, etc. (Well, when we want to spot the couples in the campus, then Powai Lake is the place we head to! :p) Other hangouts include GG building and boat house.

Shh! Here’s Our Code Language!

There are few slangs that are frequently used at IIT Bombay. Some of them are-

Infi – Huge in quantity

Scope – Impossible

Machaya/Craxxx – Be successful in something

The Distinguished Faculty

A major attraction of IITB is its renowned faculty as it is one of the finest among the Indian vocational institutes. Every student here can literally vouch for it. Most members of the faculty are achievers in their own right as well as excellent teachers and mentors. I love the fact that our professors are research scholars themselves and deeply involved in their subjects of interest. The attitude of our professors is admirable, and that really makes the IITB journey worth it.

IITB subscribes to the entrepreneurship philosophy. In fact, many of my IIT friends spend a fair amount of time on their projects and are hoping to eventually launch them into full-fledged companies as soon as they pass out of IITB.

The top reason why students choose to be part of IITB is one that most people would least expect. While the academic curriculum forms a large part of the experience at IITB, the extra-curricular life here is unparalleled.

Though my hometown is Delhi, I decided to take admission in Mumbai because everybody had good things to say about it. This, of course, has something to do with the contours of the campus, with hills, lakes and all the greenery, which influences the students’ choices.The green campus is certainly a welcome change for many. College festivals like Mood Indigo are attractions that ensure that there’s never a dull moment in the lives of students. Well, studying at IIT Bombay has been a life-changing experience for me.

Life at IIT Bombay is made all the more interesting by the kinds of people here. And with the people, academics, and all sorts of activities to look forward to, read a walkthrough of the life of an average IIT grad here.

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