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Picture this. You are flipping the pages of newspapers/magazines to search for your dream college. Amidst all the enthusiasm for your college life, you suddenly come across the media hullabaloo and random opinions shushing “Oh, that college does not have a good reputation and is treacherous for girls. I’ll not allow my daughter to study there” or “Why the heck parents send their daughters to this college” or “Don’t join that college, it’s really unsafe for girls.” In this article, we take a look at safety of college campuses in general, and at reasons as to why IITs offer the safest college campuses for girls.

How safe are our colleges?

It’s not only about the college but also the environment and nearby areas where the students reside. The media and newspapers only cover the notorious activities occurring inside the college but fail to analyze what’s happening to the students in the same areas. People’s mentality also impacts the safety of girls. If the people living in the same locality are liberal and unprying, girls are bound to feel safer staying in the area. It naturally averts cases of eve-teasing, molestation, and sexual abuse.

Here are some reasons why IITs offer the safest college campuses for girls.

Safety Precautions Taken by the IITs

IIT’s, which are ranked among the premiere colleges across the globe, not only impart sound education but also ensure that the environment is comfortable and secure for women. Universities are a place where we can communicate with different people, form social networks and feel at ease with friends. Women’s hostels in IITs ensure the safety of a girl, and there aren’t any harassment or eve-teasing cases reported. The core reason behind it is the mindset of the people residing there. Girls feel secure inside the campus and do not hesitate to step out at night, if need be. They have the freedom to follow their interests without thinking about others. IITs have always believed in one thing – “Let people cultivate and exercise their freedom of thoughts and imagination.” Self-defense training is also given to girls so that they can face adversities in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, there is security personnel deployed around the campus 24*7 to keep an eye on malpractices inside the campus and restrict the entry of outsiders. Girls can also avail the transport facility to reach the laboratory or come back to the hostel.

However, you cannot get complacent about safety and forget to lock doors, or walk home alone late at night. No matter what precautions are taken, colleges are, by no means, insulated from crime. There are steps girls should take to stay safe, like carrying pepper spray and being aware of their surroundings.

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