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Many students think that the grueling exam prep will be a terrifying experience. In the short run, the situation looks unpleasant and children think it’s best not to put in efforts. So, they intentionally delay studying and keep coming up with lame excuses for as long as they can. But this procrastination hardly ever works! Let’s understand why “Iss Saal Se Pakka Padhunga” never works.

A Distorted Sense of Reality

The moment you think “Iss saal se pakka padhunga,” you probably have lost half the battle. It’s somewhat an unrealistic notion of your examination. You underestimate the required efforts, the difficult syllabus, and time required for understanding concepts. Somewhere in your psyche, you have convinced yourself that the time frame you’ve set is going to be sufficient to finish your syllabus. And so, the trap of procrastination begins.

The Syllabus is Rigid

Whether you start today or tomorrow, the syllabus isn’t going to change. The institution usually sets a syllabus right at the start of the course. Let’s assume two years (for JEE, PMT etc.), which means that two years is an accurate length of time for students to prepare for the syllabus without any undue pressure. Reducing that time-frame considerably is sure to put the burden on you.

Something Unforeseen Comes Up

Something unexpected always does come up when you least expect it. It could be anything that is beyond your control or bad: you could get sick or there could be some family emergency. All of these would torpedo whatever ‘plans’ you’ve had for this year, and leave you running for cover.

Studying Under Pressure Isn’t Good

If you put off your study sessions for long, you’ll have to absorb information faster than you breathe. And your brain won’t necessarily work well under such conditions. It could cause panic when you miss your goals. The “OMG, how am I ever going to complete my syllabus?” combined with the guilt of “Why didn’t I start studying long ago? ” is a disaster recipe for exams.

No Time to Revise

One of the main differences between students with fair-to-good and excellent scores is the rigorous revisions. When you’re down the wire in a hurry, you often enter your examination hall in a less-than-fully-prepared mode. This deficiency is sure to reflect in the mediocre scores.

Finishing Last in the Race

While you’re busy concocting reasons not to study, some of your competitors are putting painstaking efforts. These classmates might wind up making you look bad in your own eyes, especially when you compare your scores. And trust me, it’s the worst feeling in the world.

So, it’s time to buckle up and stop finding excuses.

It’s not so easy to stop procrastinating, though. Here’s our guide to ensure that you do not laze around anymore!

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