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What is Word Cloud?

A word cloud is an electronic image of words. Also, hey show chain of texts. Besides, the words are of different size and arranged on the basis of usage. Thus, the words are arranged in the form of a cloud. This is why it is called a word cloud.

Word cloud app is a large way to picture emotions. Also, it turns a dull article into an artwork. They make the words colorful and pleasure through the beauty of words.

Word Cloud Generator

8 Best Word Cloud Generators

There is various creator available for use. Here is the list of most handy and best word cloud generator:

  • Wordle
  • TagCrowd
  • Jason Davies’ Word Cloud Generator
  • Tagxedo
  • WordItOut


They have a balloon shape pop-up that assists you (if you want) in creating the word cloud. Also, it is one of the most user-oriented websites. Besides, they offer a lot of customizable options. And its interface is easy and modern.

Also, it did not copy words from an image as do. Another thing is that the result is also less polished. You have to craft several do-overs.


It is formally known as tagul. Also, the website creates striking images and is the best word cloud generator. On it, you can upload an image and choose the desired shape for your word cloud. Apart from that, the generator selects the colors automatically on ht basis of your image.

But, if you want you can change the font, orientation as well as colors. The most important thing is that it is very easy to use.


Like the name, the word cloud generator looks more like a toy than a tool. Also, it is the most simple cloud generator than any other. Besides, ABCya is basically designed for kids so its interface is quite easy. They provide a handful of specific schemes, colors, fonts, and shapes. The word cloud is most suitable for kids and elementary school. Apart, from that, it is designed for kids so it lookalike to a drawing book.

4. Wordle

It has a nice balance of customization and ease. Also, it is very clear-cut to use. Besides, it has a ‘randomize’ button that mixes up the entire cloud in a click.

Similarly, it runs on ‘Java’ platform which does not run on certain browsers. Apart from that, it does not have a custom shape option.

5. TagCrowd

It has some limitations and uniqueness on this website. On this generator, you can paste the link of a website to use its content for word cloud generating.

Also, you can add numbers alongside the words. Besides, it experiences more like a study tool than an art generator. Above all, visualization is, on the whole, doesn’t exist in it.

6. Jason Davies’ Word Cloud Generator

This generator feels like a synergetic science project rather than a data visualizing tool. Also, this website focuses on the placement of words. You can select from a wide range of choices provided by them. Apart from that, its user-interface is quite nerdy.

7. Tagxedo

First of all, it requires Microsoft Silverlight to operate. Also, the interface is a little difficult to pilot. Apart from that, it is the most heavily feature loaded generator. Also, you can contain any custom shape, size, fonts, and colors. And it has a history section where they have a snapshot of all your previous works.

8. WordItOut

They generate a different kind of word cloud. Also, they have emoji support to increase creativeness. Besides, you can create phrases in the cloud. At the same time, you can add a pinch of colors of personality words, rank frequency and further..

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