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Most of us think of yoga as something only adults practice to achieve Nirvana or some kind of inner peace. However, of recent I’ve realised the true value of yoga for those of us appearing for exams as well. It’s quite enlightening and pretty much caters to making your exam attempt, a successful one.

1. Helps you focus on the right things.


2. Releases tension that may have built up due to stress in your limbs.


3. When you face insomnia due to stress, yoga can help you achieve deep sleep.


4. It gives you peace of mind.


5. It also boosts your memory.


6. It Increases your self-esteem, so you can attempt your papers with more confidence.


7. It keeps allergies and viruses at bay, so you don’t fall sick before an exam.


8. Most importantly, it makes you happier.

Happy World Yoga Day!

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