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Believe it or not, the most important quality required to succeed in life is belief. Before you believe others opinions or in God, for that matter, look within. It’s crucial to take responsibility for yourself and how you feel. Why give in to conventional expectations and change your individuality?

The Secret of Success

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. ~ William Shakespeare

We’ve all felt it, at one time or another. It’s that nagging feeling of regret and hopelessness. We’ve all questioned our purpose and our morals. There are times when we say, “This is too much for me; I can’t do it”.

There will always be things in life that are out of anyone’s control. We have two choices when that happens—give up or keep going. You can let those thoughts get to you and accept defeat. Or you can choose to fight and do your best. It’s your decision. The people who keep battling the odds have one common thing in their motivational arsenal. And that is a bit of encouragement from some moments of courage in their past; something that reminds them that they are capable of achieving that goal.

When you feel like quitting, look back at your past including those school days. Remember the time you succeeded, no matter how insignificant it might seem now. What did you do then to achieve your goal? Were there any particularly memorable triumphs? A competition won or an award received? If you could do it back then when you were younger, how much better will you be able to perform today? Success is not a one-shot thing. You don’t just hit with your bat and throw the ball out of the stadium. You have to first start hitting it out of the 10-yard circle. Your past achievements are a reminder that you have managed small successes, and thus, you can do more in the future. Stick your medals and certificates up your wall. With all the reminders and positive thinking, you can achieve any goal you set.

Did you know, it makes a world of difference based on how you word your goals? The best way to form your target is to think of what will be different after you’ve achieved it. Write about it in the past tense. Pretend you have already achieved it, and describe how you’ve managed to do it. That turns it into a more positive experience. Imagining it makes it seem possible and achievable.

Doing things with rigor takes effort, which is nothing but the focus required in the process. It’s important to pay attention to not just how you do things, but why you are working so hard. Thoroughness requires us to never use an emergency as an excuse. It is a process for the long haul, the work of a professional. An amateur bread baker leaves the kitchen coated in flour, and sometimes, ends up with a great loaf of bread. A professional baker might not seem to be as flustered, hassled or even as busy in comparison. But the bread, a result of this mindful process, is worth buying every day.

You’re in control of your life. Hard work and dedication pay off in the end. If losing self-confidence was a permanent thing, there would be no comebacks and rays of light. The best kind of inspiration, without a shade of doubt, stems from within. All you have to do is remember that you’ve still got some strength left.


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