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Beware! Are you straying  too  far  away  from the syllabus?  Coaching  classes  do  it.  Reputed instructors  do  it.  Students  themselves  do  it.  And  yes,  this  is  one  of  the  major  mistakes almost  everyone  does.  On the  first  page  of  your ‘textboges ( or the examination website ), there are  a  few pages together titled  “Syllabus.”  You  glance  at  it,  no-doubt  feel  a  bit overwhelmed  by  its detail,  close your book and  forget  about  it.  Right?

Don’t Stay Blind!

You, probably, think that your coaching instructor knows much much more than you do. And he definitely does! But don’t follow  your  coaching  class or your tutor  blindly. It  is  one  of the  major  mistakes  made  by  any candidate preparing for an exam. They often  take  you  beyond  the  scope  of your exam  syllabus. They design tests  to  keep  your over-confidence in check. Arguably, a good thing! But this  has  a  negative  impact  on  your  preperations. Coaching classes, mostly, over-emphasise on their modules  and  notes.

Smart Study Material

Have  you  ever  noticed  the  high scoring  students? One thing you’ll find common among them is they  always  stick  to  the  syllabus. They are very selective about their study material. You should be too. Too much of it will pour your  head  swimming with  the plethora  of unanswered  questions, causing you to deviate from the actual portion. It make it difficult to revise  when the time comes. So, you need to be vigilant as to what your target exam requires from you. And therein comes the syllabus.

The  syllabus  is  a  small  place that  brings  students, intelligent and weak, faculty members, tutors and your books back together. The  syllabus for any standard exam  is very  clearly outlined.  And the conducting body will NEVER ask questions  beyond  that syllabus. So, instead  of  spending  time reading advanced  things  about  your  favorite  topic, the  sensible  thing  would  be  to  utilize that  time  strengthening  concepts  inside  your syllabus.

In  the  beginning  of  the  chapter,  carefully  read  the  entire  syllabus, take  note  of the important topics and understand the objectives of the chapter. Its important because it gives a sense of the perimeter in which you can stray your mind. Assure  that  you  understand  what  the  chapter  is  about  and  what  you  are  expected to learn  by  the  end.  Talk  to  your instructor, or anybody who is familiar with it  early  on,  if you  are  unclear  about  any of  the topics, objectives etc.

Know the important topics

No examination has a uniform syllabus across topics. Some topics are covered in greater depth than others. You should try to figure out, from the syllabus, in what depth you need to cover each topic –  what topics have been emphasised, what has been mentioned just for knowledge purpose. Look  to  see  ‘what books you require and what you don’t’ accordingly  and  what  are optional  or supplementary. It will help you a lot to keep you focused.

With the board exams approaching, we hope this article helps you stay within the realm of your syllabus. All the best for exams!

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