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Class 10 Economics

5 Chapters

Class 10


Class 10 Economics serves as the foundation stone for economics. Also, these chapters are reliable learning aid for students. Further, the chapters are formulated with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the concepts. Moreover, it is based on the up-to-date Class 10 syllabus, which helps students to expand their knowledge. Chapter 1 of Economics draws the importance of the important criterion for measuring economic development. It also teaches the promises of development to different people and different goals, income and other goals, national development, how to compare different countries or states and some more related concepts. In the same way, chapter 2 explains and teaches about the various sector of the Indian Economy. Basically, there are three sectors in an economy; these are the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. All these sectors when combined make up the economy. In addition, chapter 3 explains how money and credit system works and how countries manage money and credit. Also, the chapter mentions the credit institution (banks), which plays a vital role in it. Chapter 4, explains what is globalization and what role it plays (good and bad) in the Indian Economy. Lastly, chapter 5 teaches about consumer rights and how we get them and what impacts and changes it made in society.

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DevelopmentSectors of the Indian EconomyMoney and CreditGlobalisation and the Indian EconomyConsumer Rights

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Chapter 1 : Development

In the world economy, India has been dubbed a "Developing Country". It simply means we are on our way to being a developed country but are not quite there yet. Let us take an in-depth look at development indicators, such as human development index, and the scope for further development in our country.

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Understanding Development

Chapter 2 : Sectors of the Indian Economy

Do you know how the economy of a country is comprised of? Here, we are going to talk about the various sectors of the economy of India and what consists of the three sectors namely, primary economy, secondary economy, and tertiary economy. Let us study them in detail.

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Understanding the Sectors of the Indian Economy

Chapter 3 : Money and Credit

How much pocket money do you get? Why pocket 'money' why not pocket 'chocolates'? Money, in today's world, has become an essential commodity. Whatever one does, one does it for money. If not cash, there's plastic money or e-money; but still money! So how do money and credit work? Let us know all about money and credit. 

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Chapter 4 : Globalisation and the Indian Economy

Globalisation is a term everyone is familiar with. It's a change everyone wants to be a part of. And India isn't far behind. Globalisation in terms of the economy has had great impacts on all the countries. So, how does the Indian economy look like in terms of globalisation? Let us study in-depth below. 

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Multinational Companies and Globalisation

Chapter 5 : Consumer Rights

Have you come across the "Jago Grahak Jago" advertisements on TV or radio? The idea behind this campaign is to educate consumers about their rights. The Consumer Protection Act 1986 ignited the consumer movement in India. Since then many organizations have tried to champion the cause for the benefit of the consumers.

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Consumer Exploitation and Protection