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Class 10 Elements of Business

6 Chapters

Class 10


Class 10 Elements of Business is a very interesting subject which deals in Business and all the activities related to it. It will give students a chance to learn in detail about everything connected to Business. The chapter of Joint Stock Company, as the name suggests, will throw light on the private and public companies. It will discuss the meaning of features of these companies for a thorough understanding. Further, Sources of Business Finance will give details of the different sources like owned and borrowed funds. It explains their meanings and the difference between these funds. After that, there is Communication in Business which explains its meanings and the different methods like video conferences, letters, emails and more. Next, Selling and Distribution covers the concept of purchase and sale as well as the different types like cash, credit, installment payment and more. Large Scale Retail Trade chapters will explain their forms like departmental stores and multiple shops. It also tells you about non-store retailing like mail order, tele-shopping, automated vending machines, e-commerce and more. Finally, Selling will differentiate between different types of selling like personal selling, sales promotion and advertising. Similarly, it also explains the meanings of these and the techniques used for them.

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Joint Stock CompanySources of Business FinanceCommunication in Business OrganisationsSelling and DistributionLarge Scale Retail TradeSelling

Explore all Chapters

Chapter 1 : Joint Stock Company

Say you wanted to start a new business, how will you choose whether which type of organisation it will be? Will you start a company or take on partners? This choice will depend on your requirements and suitability of the business. Let us take a look at the various forms of business organizations.

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Chapter 2 : Sources of Business Finance

It is an obvious observation that to run a business you need money. But getting this capital doesn't necessarily entail getting a bank loan. There are many ways to raise the capital that an organization needs. It depends on the size and nature of the business. Let us take a look at the sources of finance in business.

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Owned Funds and Borrowed Funds

Chapter 3 : Communication in Business Organisations

No organisation can be successful without an established hierarchy in place. All employees need to be directed and guided to achieve organisational as well as personal objectives. Hence directing is one of the most important functions of a manager. Let us study this function in depth.

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Chapter 4 : Selling and Distribution

Cost accounting is not a new concept. It’s been around for ages. It is the perfect way for all businesses and organization to keep track of their activities and costs. It is a very advantageous companion to traditional financial accounting. Let us learn a bit more about cost accounting.

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Concept of Purchase and Sale

Chapter 5 : Large Scale Retail Trade

Internal Trade also known as Domestic Trade is the buying and selling of goods and services within the confines of the international boundaries of a nation. SO while import and export are important for the economy of a nation, most of its GDP contribution comes from internal trade. Let us study it in some detail.

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Chapter 6 : Selling

In the modern world, marketing is an important part. Marketing helps the consumer to get aware about the product. But what is Branding? What is Labeling? What is Personal Selling?  and what is Promotion? How do Sales Promotion and Publicity work? Let's find out more about Marketing.

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