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Introduction to Clauses

Class 10


Define and identify the use of clauses

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Complete each sentence below by appropriately using any one of the following:
if you want to / if you don’t want to / if you want him to
Please use my pen …………………………...

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Choose the type of clause underlined in the following sentence:
My boss, who is very friendly, lives in Manchester.

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Complete the sentence with the most suitable option:
The students in the early class, _____________________, did very well on yesterday's maths test.

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The change required for sentence underlined at [10] is _________. 

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Combine the following to make sentences.
Now find a person (what kind of person). His or her name begins with the letter Z. (use whose)

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Choose the part that contains a defining relative clause:
The pants which I bought from Delhi don't fit me anymore.

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Identify the relative clause in the statement:
This is the boy who works at the cafe.

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James was enjoying a quiet afternoon when Amy and Ted visited him playing his piano.

Choose the option that best corrects the sentence.

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Choose the non-finite clause in the given sentence:
It took us only a second to realize the scam.

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Identify the relative clause in the statement:
He bought a car, which runs fast.

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