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Class 10 History

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Class 10


Class 10 History focuses on the history of our country and the time before independence and about the world as well. The chapter of The Rise of Nationalism in Europe will tell you about the nationalism in Europe that developed in the 1830s. Then, it will also highlight the revolutionary ideas which spread through different countries of France, Germany. Greece and more. Next, The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China will cover the French colonialism in Indo-China and the struggle against the French. After that, Nationalism in India shifts focus on freedom struggles like the Non-Cooperation movement and more. It also throws light on the Rowlatt act and more. The Making of a Global World will help students get knowledge about the developments that took place in different fields of trade, technology, food and more. Similarly, The Age of Industrialization will help students get a glimpse of the pre-industrialization period. It also covers the Industrial Revolution and its impact. Next, Work, Life and Leisure will give you knowledge about the cities and their characteristics plus the impact of industrialization in the cities. The chapter of Print Culture and the Modern World will discuss the first printed books and the reach of print in Europe. It throws light on the Print Revolution and its impact. Finally, Novels, Society and History will discuss the emergence of novels and their impact on India.