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  1. 7th
  2. Civics

Class 7 Civics

8 Chapters

Class 7


Class 7 Civics is the study about the duties and rights of citizenship in a country. The chapter key focus area is the Indian region. The entire syllabus divides into seven chapters, where each chapter explains different things about the roles, responsibilities, and duties of citizens. Chapter 1 is on equality wherewith many stories try to explain the situation of inequality experienced by people is explained. Also, it explains how to alleviate these inequalities. Chapter 2 highlights the role of government in health. Moreover, the chapter teaches the important issues relating to health, public, and private aspects of health provisioning in India. Chapter 3 defines the functioning of state government works, ideas of representation, accountability, and public welfare. Chapter 4 is about how boys and girls are brought up or socialized differently in different places and at different points of time. Chapter 5 highlights the women’s struggle for equality around the world. Chapter 6 describes the role of media and its attempts to connect and highlights the issues of the people. Chapter 7 teaches about the market around us like weekly markets, shopping complex, neighborhood shops, etc. Chapter 8 explains the different opportunities that the market offers with a story of a shirt. Chapter 9 defines the struggles for equality, which ties to the main idea of equality.

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On EqualityHow the State Government WorksWomen Change the WorldUnderstanding MediaMarkets Around UsStruggles for Equality

Explore all Chapters

Chapter 1 : On Equality

The Indian Constitution states the "Right to Equality" as one of the fundamental rights every citizen must enjoy. And yet if you look around you, you will notice there is blatant inequality in our society. How is our country dealing with this problem ? Let us learn more about gender equality.

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Equality and DignityEquality in Indian and Other Democracies

Chapter 3 : How the State Government Works

India being the largest democracy in the world, the absence of a structure and proper rules and regulations for the administrators would create a chaos. The government in India is sub-divided into central government and state government. In this chapter, we will learn about how the state government works.

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Working of State Government

Chapter 4 : Women Change the World

Have you ever wondered that what is a democracy? Why are we a part of it? How did democracy come into existence? Let's find out more about What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

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Women Breaking Stereotypes

Chapter 5 : Understanding Media

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'media'? It is probably the word news. Media helps us to inform about the things that are happening daily. Let's find out more about Understanding Media.

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Media Technology and Democracy

Chapter 6 : Markets Around Us

Have you recently ordered something from Amazon or Flipkart? And do you go vegetable shopping with your parents? Here is the surprising fact, both these places are markets! Our understanding of markets is very narrow, in fact, there are different types of markets around us.

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All about Markets

Chapter 8 : Struggles for Equality

Inequality is a worldwide problem. That's why people are fighting against it. The struggles for equality is very tough. A lot of people have dedicated their entire life to the struggle for equality. Let's find out more about the struggles for equality.

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Tawa Matsya Sangh's Struggle for Equality