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Adjacent Angles, Vertically Opposite Angles and Linear Pairs

Lines and Angles
Class 7


Define adjacent angles and identify a pair of adjacent angles in a diagram. Demonstrate that the opposite arms in a linear pair form a straight line. Define Vertically opposite angles. Demonstrate the conditions on vertical opposite angles when two lines intersect.

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Adjacent, Vertically Opposite and Linear pair of Angles


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is a line ray is a perpendicular to line . is another ray lying between ray and . Prove that 

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In the given figure, we have , then

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In the figure (IMAGE)

(a)   Is  

adjacent to ?

(b)  Is  
adjacent to ?

(c)   Do and from  linear pair?

(d)  Are and

(e)  is vertically opposite to ?

(f)   What  is the vertically opposite angle of ?

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In the given figure below points , and lie on the same line. What is the sum of the measures of and ?

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When do you say two angles are adjacent?

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In figure, find the values of x, y and z

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Calculate the followings.
1An angle is equal to one third of its supplement. Find its measure.
2If an angle is  more than one half of its complement, find the measure of the angle.

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Find the value of 'x' in each of the following diagram.
x + 2x =

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In questions and given below, identify the given pairs of angles as corresponding angles, interior alternate angles, exterior alternate angles, adjacent angles, vertically opposite angles or allied angles:

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In figure, lines XY and MN intersect at O. If and , find c.

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