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Reducing Air Pollution

Pollution of Air and Water
Class 8


Discuss the various measure being taken by the government to control and make people aware about Air pollution. Explain what can be done by students in order to contribute to controlling air pollution.

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Ways to Reduce Air Pollution


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Carbon monoxide (CO) causes:

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Incomplete combustion of petrol or diesel oil in automobile engines can be best detected by testing the fuel gases for the presence of __________ .

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Ozone hole is maximum spread over:

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Hritik tested rainwater and found a pH of 5-6 due to presence of ions formed by reaction of rain water with carbon dioxide. When pH of the rainwater drops below 5-6, then it is called acid rain. Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur are acidic in nature. Burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil in power stations and furnace produce oxides of nitrogen and sulphur. He told all of his classmates living nearby to use bicycle instead of school bus so as to reduce air pollution and prevent acid rain.

(a) Which acid is formed by sulphur dioxide in the presence of air?
(b) Which acid is formed by nitrogen dioxide in the presence of air?
(c) Why is acid rain harmful to agriculture, trees and plants?
(d) How can we prevent from acid rain?
(e) What values are possessed by Hrithik?

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Photochemical smog is generally formed:

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What does CNG mean?

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At an individual level, how can you help reduce air pollution?

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Ozone layer of stratosphere requires protection from indiscriminate use of:

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Photochemical smog is related to pollution of:

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What is the harm from the depletion of Earth's ozone layer?

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