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Class 8 Geography

6 Chapters

Class 8


Class 8 Geography will help students learn about geographical concepts and many other things. The chapter of Resources will tell you about the different types of resources that are present on earth. Further, you will understand its importance and why we need to conserve them. Further, Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation & Wildlife Resources will give knowledge about each of these in detail. It teaches how to conserve land and use it for different purposes. Moreover, it also gives knowledge about water and its importance as well as of wildlife resources. After that, we have Mineral and Power Resouces which deals in how minerals are distributed and their uses as well as how to conserve them and their different types. Further, Agriculture will focus on agricultural activities and the different types of farming and crops. Next, the chapter of Industries will throw light on the significance of industries and their classifications plus the factors which impact their location and distribution. Finally, Human Resources is about the importance of people being a nation’s greatest resource. Further, it also explains about population and its distribution as well as the factors affecting it. Moreover, it discusses the population change and its pattern as well as population composition.

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ResourcesLand, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife ResourcesMineral and Power ResourcesAgricultureIndustriesHuman Resources

Explore all Chapters

Chapter 1 : Resources

Years ago, the early man use to depend solely on natural resources for his nourishment and survival. Then humankind developed and we started making more efficient use of these resources. And we also developed resources of our own by the advancement of technology. Let us take a closer look at these resources.

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Resources: Types and Conservation

Chapter 2 : Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources

Our planet Earth provides us with all the amenities that we need for survival. Food, Clothing and Shelter are all obtained by us from our environment.It is important for us to learn about Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources in detail.

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Land, Soil and Water Resources

Chapter 3 : Mineral and Power Resources

The electricity that is supplied to your homes, how is it produced? How do areas where there's no scope of electricity still receive a supply of electricity? What're mineral and power resources? Let us know more about them!

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Mineral: Types, Distribution and ConservationPower Resources

Chapter 4 : Agriculture

Resources are classified as either biotic or abiotic. The Indian landmass contains a multitude of resources and its economy is heavily dependent on their consumption or export. Due to over-consumption, they are rapidly being depleted. Let's learn more about the resources of India and the World here.

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Types of FarmingMajor Crops and Agricultural Development

Chapter 5 : Industries

The terms small business, large business, MNCs are ways to define and distinguish various scales of business based different aspects like resources, etc.

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Classification of Industries and LocationIron and Steel IndustryCotton Textile Industry

Chapter 6 : Human Resources

India has the second largest population in the world. And while there are a few drawbacks of this, it is also an advantage. The citizens can be an asset to the country. Their skill and knowledge is a resource that can be utilized for economic activities. Let us see how People as Resource can contribute to our economy.

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Understanding Population