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Circle Graph

Data Handling
Class 8


Draw a circle graph by calculating the angle subtended by each sector in it in terms of the corresponding frequency. Compare frequencies of circle graphs using the proportionality of frequencies and angles.



Pie Graph
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Circle Graphs


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Study the following chart carefully and answer the question given.
of all the cars consisted of which colors of car?

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Study the following pi-chart and bar graph and answer the following questions, percentage distribution of teacher in six different districts. 
Total numbers of teachers
In which district is the number of male teachers more than the number of female teachers?

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Draw a pie chart to show this information.

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How many runs were scored in the third over?

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A school has strength of students. The following pie graph shows the interests of students in different subjects. The number of students interested in Maths is:

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What is the quantity of water in the body of a person weighing 50 kg ?

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A man earns Rs. per month. He spends of it on house rent, on food and clothes, on insurance and on other items. The rest he saves. How much does he save each month ? Solve by using pie graph.

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The following histogram shows the number of literate females in the age group of to years in a town:
What is the class width ?

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The following data represents the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book.
ItemsPaper costPrinting costBindingRoyalityTransportation cost Promotion cost
Expenditure (in %)25%20%20%10%15%10%
Draw a pie chart to represent this data.

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The following table shows specific quota of sugar of suger for four rationshops in a city. Find the central angles to draw a pie chart of the information.
Supply of suger (Quintal)

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