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  1. 9th
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  3. Probability
  4. Empirical Probability

Empirical Probability

Class 9


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Empirical Probability Defined


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Consider an event for which probability of success is 1/2.
Probability that in n trials,there are r success where r-4K and k is an integer is

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A survey was conducted by car manufacturing company in a metropolitan city on persons having monthly income from Rs. to Rs. . The data about the number of persons in various categories is as under:

Monthly income

Number of Cars

(in rupees)

More than

 Find the probability that a person selected at random in the income slab have more than cars.

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Two digit numbers are formed from the digits where digits are not repeated. Find the probability of the events that
(1) the number formed is an even number.
(2) the number formed is prime number.

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families with children were selected randomly, and the following data were recorded:
 No. of girls in a family   
 No. of families   
Compute the probability of a family, chosen at random, having
(i) girls
(ii) girl
(iii) No girl
Also check whether the sum of these probabilities is .

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A coin is tossed times and the outcomes are recorded. The frequency distribution of the outcomes (i.e, head) and (i.e, tail) is given below :


Find the value of , i.e, probability of getting a head in a single trial.

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In a single throw of a die, the probability of getting a multiple of is ____________.

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A bag contains red and white balls. If a ball is drawn at random from the bag, what is the probability that it will be:
(i) White ball,   (ii) Not a white ball?

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A coin is tossed five times, find the probability of getting no head.

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The probability that a leap year will have only Sundays is

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Eleven bags of wheat flour, each marked , actually contained the following weights of flour (in kg):

Find the probability that any of these bags chosen at random contains more than of flour.

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