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  1. 9th
  2. Maths
  3. Statistics
  4. Collection and Presentation of Data

Collection and Presentation of Data

Class 9


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Introduction to Frequency Distributions


Related Questions to study

Given below is a frequency distribution table. read it and answer the questions that follow.
Class intervalFrequency

(a) What is the lower limit of the second class interval ?
(b) What is the upper limit of the last class interval ?
(c) What is the frequency of the third class ?
(d) Which interval has a frequency of ?
(e) Which interval has the lowest frequency ?
(f) What is the class size ?

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The lower limit of class interval is _____ and upper limit is _____.

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Construct a frequency distribution table for the following marks obtained by 25 students in a history test in class VI of a school:

What is the range of marks?

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Find the mode of the following distribution of marks obtained by 80 students
Marks obtained0-1010-2020-3030-4040-50
Number of students
  6  10  12  32  20

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If the class marks of a frequency distribution are and , find the classes and their width.

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The daily minimum temperatures in degrees Celsius recorded in a certain Arctic region are as follows:

Represent them as frequency distribution table taking to as the first class interval.

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Prepare the frequency distribution table for the given set of scores:
 .Take class intervals as and answer the following:
(i) What does the frequency corresponding to the third class interval mean?
(ii) What is the size of each class interval? Find the midpoint of the class interval .
(iii) What is the range of the given set of scores?

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If the fifth class interval is fourth class interval is then the first class interval is .

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If the class intervals in a frequency distribution are the mid-point of the class is

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Make a frequency table each of the following sets of data.
(i) Ages of students in years in class VI B of a school:
(ii) The median used by students of class VI B of a school to listen to music:

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