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Air Pollution and Taj Mahal

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Case study of Taj Mahal - definition

More recent threats have come from environmental pollution on the banks of Yamuna River including acid rain due to the Mathura Oil Refinery, which was opposed by Supreme Court of India directives. The pollution has been turning the Taj Mahal yellow. To help control the pollution, the Indian government has set up the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ), a 10,400-square-kilometre (4,000 sq mi) area around the monument where strict emissions standards are in place.

Acid rain - definition

Rainfall made so acidic by atmospheric pollution that it causes environmental harm, chiefly to forests and lakes. The main cause is the industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, the waste gases from which contain sulphur and nitrogen oxides which combine with atmospheric water to form acids.

Steps taken by supreme court to save historical heritage - definition

The Supreme Court of India recently brushed up on matter that bears historical importance constitutionally. It has made a review on Public Interest Litigation (PIL) demanding protection for historical objects in various museums across our country. On which governments acknowledged the issues and were ready to take necessary actions with the command of the Court.