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General characteristics of Bryophyta - definition

  • The plant body is a gametophyte. They grow in areas which arc in between the aquatic and terrestrial habitats i.e., amphibious zone and hence known as amphibious plants.
  • They have thalloid or leafy multi cellular green plant body.
  • The plant body lacks true roots, stem or leaves.
  • The plants are green and possess chloroplasts.
  • They show autotrophic mode of nutrition.
  • Vascular tissues are completely absent.
  • Sexual reproduction is oogamous.
  • Male reproductive organ is known as antheridium. It is a club shaped structure being borne by a narrow stalk. It produces biflagellate and motile male gametes or antherozoids.
  • The female sex organ is known as archegonium. It is a flask shaped structure having a swollen base and a narrow neck.
  • Water is essential for fertilization.

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