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Chemical reaction around us

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Combustion or burning - definition

Combustion is an oxidation reaction. For the reaction to take place, a fuel and an oxidant should be there. Substances undergoing the combustion are known as fuels whereas in burning oxygen combines with another molecule to produce an oxide.

Definition of combustion - definition

The chemical process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give off heat is called combustion.
Examples are ethane, wood, propane.

Example of combustion or burning - example

A simple example can be seen in the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen into water vapor, a reaction commonly used to fuel rocket engines. This reaction releases 242 kJ/mol of heat and reduces the enthalpy accordingly (at constant temperature and pressure)

Explosion - definition

An explosion is a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperature and the release of gases.
Eg., explosion during bomb blast and underwater nuclear test.

Burning and respiration - definition

1. it is a biological process.
2. it takes place at normal temperature.
3. Respiration is a slow process. Thus, the energy is also liberated in several steps and remain stored in the form of ATP.
1. it is a chemical process.
2. it takes place at high temperatures.
3. Burning is a fast process in which energy is released in only one step resulting in an increase in temperature and production of fire.

Conditions for burning - definition

For burning to take place, basically you need oxygen which will not directly take part in the combustion but will help sustain the burning, and most obviously you need a source of ignition.

Respiration - definition

Respiration is the biochemical process in which the cells of an organism obtain energy by combining oxygen and glucose, resulting in the release of carbon dioxide, water, and ATP which is energy produced in cells.

Respiration and burning - definition

Respiration is also called as a process to burn nuteirnts in the presence of oxygen to produce energy. But still different from burning. The difference are as follows:
1. It occurs in series of chemical steps i.e., stepped process.It occurs in a single step.
2. It is carried out by enzymes.It is carried out by heat.
3. It is a biochemical process.It is a physiochemical process.
4. Energy is liberated as ATP and heat.Energy is liberated as heat and light.
5. No light energy is produced.Light energy is produced.
6. It takes place inside a cell.It does not takes place inside a cell.
7. It occurs at body temperature.It occurs at high temperature.