Conservation of Forest and Wildlife in India | Definition, Examples, Diagrams
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Conservation of Forest and Wildlife in India

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Measures for protection of wildlife - definition

1. It is necessary to stop cruelty to wild animals and activities like hunting. Relevant laws should be followed strictly. The provision for penalty and punishment should be made strict.
2. It is necessary to keep a balance of herbivorous and carnivorous animals. Therefore, Census should be conducted time and again.
3. Forests provide natural protection to wildlife. Therefore, we should stop the destruction of forests and thereby saving the animals from becoming homeless.
4. Knowledge should be given to people for the protection of wildlife by explaining the importance of wildlife.
5. Many animals and vegetation is destroyed due to forest fire. Therefore, quick and solid efforts should be made for extinguishing the fire.
6. Efforts should be made for timely medical treatment of wild animals against diseases.
7. Sanctuaries, National Parks and Reserves should be developed.