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Fossil Fuels are Exhaustible

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Limited natural resources - definition

The non-renewable resource is a resource that does not grow and come back, or a resource that would take a very long time to come back. For example, coal is a non-renewable resource. When we use coal, there is less coal afterwards. One day, there will be no more of it to make goods.These are limited natural resources.

Impact of misuse of natural resources - law

Impacts of misuse of natural resources:
- Ozone depletion
- Soil erosion
- Water contamination
- Unavailability of natural resources for future generation
- Global warming
- Drinking water and food shortage

Ways to conserve resources - definition

Here are some good ideas to conserve:
- Recycle used materials
- Don' t overuse
- Walk or bike instead of driving
- Protect wildlife and forests
- Plantation and take care of plants
- Develop energy saving methods
- Use renewable energy as much as possible
- Install rain water harvesting in houses

Importance of conservation of coal and petroleum - definition

The conservation of petroleum is important to keep economies and societies thriving worldwide. Petroleum and its products are used in all parts of the world for various purposes. In many regions, petroleum produces electricity and is a valuable material for industrial operations and the manufacturing industry.
Coal is of great importance to produce energy for domestic purposes.

Misuse of energy resources - example

Misuse of natural resources refers to the excessive use, destructive use either individually or in combination. Direct misuse refers to such situations where the resource is directly destroyed or overused. But, many times, some resources are indirectly put to misuse.For example use of rivers to discharge the waste or deforestation brings imbalance in nature cause disasters