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Levels of Biodiversity

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Genetic diversity - definition

  • Genetic diversity within a population refers to the number of different alleles (the alternate forms of genes) of all genes and the frequency with which they appear.

Species diversity - definition

  • Species diversity refers to the variety of species within a region.

Ecological diversity - definition

  • Ecosystem diversity refers to the variety of ecosystems in a given place.

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The number of taxa present within a particular area or an ecosystem is

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Indian share in global species diversity is about

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One Mark Questions :
Name the type of biodiversity represented by the following :
varieties of mangoes in India.

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Study the given populations and choose the correct answer in relation to species diversity.
PopulationSpecies GroupIndividuals
Population  A               IMammals 3
     IIBirds 2
     IIIAmphibians 2
Population  B     IMammals 2
     IIMammals 2
    IIIAmphibians 1
Population  C     IMammals 3
    IIMammals 2
   IIIMammals 1

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Black buck, golden langur and Asiatic wild ass are likely to be in danger of extinction. This species belongs to

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The species diversity of plants on Earth will be

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Which region is rich in species diversity?

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Cheetah populations in Africa have been increasing for the past several decades from numbers in the hundreds to numbers in the thousands.
A study was conducted in which skin tissue samples were obtained from five wild cheetahs and grafted onto five other cheetahs. An immune response regarding non-self tissue rejection was absent in the cheetahs that received the skin grafts.
Recently, a small wild population of cheetahs has become infected with a new type of infectious cancer. Scientists are concerned about the extinction of the entire species because

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Niche overlap indicates 

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Four species of birds have different egg colours: [1] white with no markings, [2] pale brown with no markings, [3] grey-brown with dark streaks and spots, [4] pale blue with dark blue-green spots. Based on egg colour, which species is most likely to nest in a deep tree hole?

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