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Pulse, Pulse Rate and Heartbeat

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Pulse - definition

  • Pulse is a pressure wave transmitted through the radial artery after every ventricular systole.

  • Pulse rate is high in kids and low in adult.

  • Pulse elevates during emotional state and exercise.

Pulse and Pulse rate - definition

  •  The throbbing felt due to the flow of blood in the arteries due to pumping action of the left ventricle is known as a pulse.
  • It is equal to the heartbeat and is generally checked by feeling the radial artery near the wrist.
  • The number of beats per minute is called the pulse rate. 
  • The normal pulse rate is 72 to 80 beats per minute.

Heartbeat - definition

  • The heart pumps the blood by contraction and relaxation of chambers of the heart.
  • Heart rate is the number of contractions of the heart per minute.
  • A stethoscope is the instruments used to measure the heartbeat.
  • Average heartbeat is 72 per minute.

Heartbeat and pulse - definition

  • The heart conducts the blood by rhythmic contraction and relaxation.
  • The number of contraction per minute is known as a heartbeat.
  • It is measured by stethoscope.
  • Pulse is the palpitation of heartbeat felt on the arteries are known as a pulse.

Pulse rate test - definition

Pulse rate at rest

  • Sit in a comfortable position and place the palm forward.

  • Three fingers of the other hand is placed on the wrist where the pulse can be felt.

  • Count the pulsation for 15 seconds and multiply it by 4 which is approximately 72.

  • This is average pulse rate in a minute.

Pulse rate after physical exercise

  • After a physical exercise relax for 10 minutes and check the pulse rate in the same manner.

  • The pulse rate increases to more than 120.