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Replication of DNA

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Process of DNA replication - definition

Enzymes required for DNA replication - definition

  • DNA Polymerase - Elongates a new DNA strand at a replication fork. Adds nucleotides one by one to the new and growing DNA strand. 
  • DNA ligase - Joins sugar-phosphates of Okazaki fragments. Okazaki fragments are found on the lagging strand. 
  • Primase - Starts an RNA chain from scratch that will eventually be replaced by DNA nucleotides (remember nucleotides come from DNA polymerase). 
  • Helicase - Untwists the double helix at replication forks to make two parental strands available as template strands. 
  • Topoisomerase - Relieves strain of ahead of the replication fork due to untwisting of the double helix. 

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