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Role of the Atmosphere in Climate Control

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Atmosphere as a blanket of air - definition

The blanket of air surrounding the earth is known as the atmosphere. It exists in several layers, around the earth. These layers become thinner at high altitudes. Therefore, one finds it difficult to breathe as one goes up. This is because less air is pressing down from above. Half of the total mass of air is found below 5 km, touching the surface of the earth. It is held close to the earth by gravity. The atmosphere protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun. It has oxygen and nitrogen, the life sustaining gases. It helps in retaining the necessary warmth on the earth and helps in the circulation of water vapour - the source of rainfall.

Role of atmosphere in climate control - definition

  • The atmosphere keeps the average temperature of the Earth fairly steady.
  • It slows down the release of heat into outer space.

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