Types and Distribution of Forest | Definition, Examples, Diagrams
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Types and Distribution of Forest

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Unclassified forests - definition

The forests which are dense and unapproachable and the ones which are not classified are known as unclassified forests. Farming or cattle grazing is not permitted here. These forests occupy 16.4% area out of the total forest area.

Classification of forest according to their density - definition

Forests are classified into three categories according to their density.
1. Dense forest: This type of forests are found in some mountainous region and regions with heavy rainfall. About 59% of the total area of forests is this type of forests.
2. Open forests: In India, we have 40% of the total forest area, covering open forests.
3. Mangroves: These forests (tidal forests) are found on the coastal areas of India. The mangroves are less than 1% in India.