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Water Cycle

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Evaporation - definition

  • Evaporation involves change in the physical nature of water from liquid to vapour state by absorbing solar energy.

Condensation - definition

  • Condensation is transformation of water vapour into liquid water droplets in the air, forming clouds and fog.

Water cycle - definition

  • Water cycle helps in the continuous circulation of water on, above and below the surface of the earth. It includes process like evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
  • Evaporation is the process by which the water from the water bodies changes into vapour due to continuous heat during the daytime.
  • Condensation is the process by which the vapours turnĀ into water droplets and cools down and forms clouds.
  • Precipitation is the process by which the droplets of water further collects and fall on earth as rain.

Precipitation - definition

  • Precipitation is water vapour that has condensed into clouds and falls to the Earth's surface.

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