In winter, temperature generally gets reduced

During winter, formation of snow also takes place

To survive in such cold conditions, we need woollen clothes to protect ourselves.

As woollen clothes are more expensive, people started searching for a cheaper fibre

That lead to the discovery of acrylic fibre which is used to make sweaters and shawls.

Acrylic is one of the synthetic fibres

Acrylic is also called artificial wool because it resembles natural wool.

‘Acrylic’ fibre has many advantages

It is cheaper than wool and are available in various colours.

It is warm and lightweight, and so we wear sweaters and shawls made of this fibre in winter.

It is even soft, flexible and resistant to chemicals

It is cheaper compared to natural fibres and popular in clothing industry

It is highly used for making yarns, boat sails and vehicle covers because it is strong, durable, waterproof and easier to clean.

Acrylic fibre has some disadvantages also

They burn easily and melt on our skin.

So it is dangerous to use synthetic material in front of fire i.e in kitchen and laboratory

When they are burnt, toxic fumes are released

The toxic fumes released cause air pollution.

And also they should be washed only by hand or dry cleaning to prevent wear and tear.

In case of prolonged wearing, it may cause skin allergies.

So we should restrict the uses of acrylic fibers in these situations.


Acrylic is one of the synthetic fibre

Acrylic fibres are also called the artificial wool as it resembles wool

It is used to make covers for vehicle, sail yarn as it strong, durable and waterproof in nature

It is cheaper than natural fibres and very much used clothing industry

They can burn more rapidly than natural fibers like cotton

These fibres are not skin friendly so they are uncomfortable for users

The End