Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming.

The surface of the earth is heating up at a rapid pace.

Due to this glaciers are melting at a faster rate.

And even sea level is also rising rapidly from the past few years.

As a whole, we can say that the earth’s temperature has increased rapidly from the last few years.

Let us find out the reason behind all these consequences.

Earth surface has the ability to absorb almost 75% of the entire solar energy.

However, some part of the solar energy is emitted back to the atmosphere in the form of radiation.

Let us learn about the Greenhouse effect and Greenhouse gases.

There are certain gases that have the ability to trap the heat and restrict it from escaping from the atmosphere.

And this trapped heat is re-emitted in all the direction of the earth which causes an increase in earth temperature.

This effect is known as the greenhouse effect and these gases are known as greenhouse gases.

The major greenhouse gases are:

Let us understand this concept by taking an example of greenhouse room

This is a glass surrounded room which helps to grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers etc.

The glass helps to retain the heat inside the room.

Therefore the solar energy helps in warming the soil and support the plant growth and vegetation.

So, we can say that the amount of heat comes inside the room is much more than the amount of heat goes outside the room.

Which implies the temperature inside the greenhouse is always greater than that of the outside.

Now let us try to relate this example with our earth and atmosphere.

The atmosphere of the earth has a blanket of air which surrounds us like a greenhouse room.

Thus it helps in keeping the earth warm and thereby maintaining temperature and sustenance of life.

But due to growing anthropogenic or human activities, the greenhouse gases are increasing beyond the permissible limit.

And this increment in greenhouse gas causes global warming, which is an effect of the greenhouse.

Let us learn about greenhouse effect in detailed.

Once the solar heat falls on atmosphere, a part of the heat energy passes inside the atmosphere

While some part is radiated back by the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases trap those radiated heat energy and re-emit it to the earth surface.

But due to increasing human activities the amount of greenhouse gases are exceeding rapidly

And these excess gases emit more heat energy to the earth surface which ultimately leads to global warming.

Let us know about the consequences of global warming.

Global warming causes an increase in earth temperature.

And the glacier and ice sheets of Greenland and Atlantic will melt which leads to an increase in sea level.

So, global warming is a threat to us as it is disturbing the entire ecological system of the environment.

Let us revise.

Earth surface has the ability to absorb almost 75% of the entire solar energy.

Greenhouse gases trap the radiated heat energy and re-emit it to the earth surface.

Global warming causes an increase in earth temperature and rises in sea level.