Plastic and the Environment

Daisy and her family were enjoying a nice summer day on the beach

Her brother started playing on the sand creating a castle, while she decided to go and play in the water

When she was about to enter the water, she saw a turtle crawling along the beach, and she noticed something different with him.

Curiously, she walked towards the turtle. She was shocked to see the situation the turtle was in.

The turtle was stuck in the plastic waste and was having trouble moving.

She called out for her mother and with her help, they removed the plastic from the Turtle.

As Daisy was still upset about the things she witnessed, her mother started consoling her

Daisy asked. "Mom, if the plastic is causing this kind of problems to animals and earth, why are we even using it?"

Mom replied. "No daughter. Plastic has many good uses too... It is the misuse of plastic, which causes problems..."

Let us try to understand the uses and problems caused by plastic.

It is difficult to imagine a world without plastic. Most of the items in our day to day use are made of it.

A wide variety of items of daily use are made from plastic, which includes toothbrushes, utensils, toys etc.

It is also widely used in food packaging, storing beverages and so on.

Although it is useful in many ways, it creates a number of problems too

The main issue arises due to the improper disposal of plastic. This way, it creates problems for animals as well as plants

People often burn plastic in order to get rid of it. It leads to the production of harmful gases, such as dioxins, furans, mercury etc.

These gases pose a threat to the vegetation and humans and other animals.

These gases could even lead to development of diseases such as cancer in humans.

Keeping food items in plastic containers for a long time could also harm the food and those who consume it.

Reuse of plastic materials which are not properly recycled also creates issues among the people who are using it.

Throwing away plastic is not a good solution for getting rid of it

Sometimes animals eat plastic bags which are thrown by us.

In the process of eating the food, they swallow these polythene bags.

This leads to choking of the respiratory system of these animals or form a lining in their stomach and can be the cause of their death.

Also, the polybags are carelessly thrown here and there, which causes clogging of the drains.

In turn, this causes poor functioning of the drainage system and floods are formed

So in order to reduce waste, we need to segregate it and dispose them properly.

Finding a solution to this problem is important

Reducing the use of plastic (Polythene) covers by paper bags or cloth bags is a commonly used solution.

We should refuse to encourage the use of plastic and reduce the amount of waste we are producing by reducing demand.

Reuse is another important concept. We need to Reuse something we already have instead of buying something new.

Recycling is also important as it will decrease the amount of waste produced by us, as well as the demand, will be reduced.

We should collectively try to implement this in our life to avoid plastic and save our nature.


It is difficult to imagine a world without plastic. Most of the items in our day to day use are made of it.

Along with its uses, it creates a number of issues to the environment as well. The main issue arises due to the improper disposal of plastic.

The burning of it produces dangerous gases. Also, since it is not biodegradable, it won't get dissolved in soil.

It causes threat to animals and plants and accumulation can lead to issues such as floods and climate change.

To control its usage, we should refuse the plastic products, reduce their usage, reuse them and properly recycle them.