Silkworms were discovered in China and kept as a secret for a long time.

Silk used to be very attractive and also very expensive.

So , scientists started working to find out an alternative to silk

In the process, they found a fibre similar to silk which can be produced using wood pulp. It is called rayon or artificial silk.

Since rayon is made by man, it is called synthetic or man made fibres

Rayon is prepared using wood pulp as a raw material.

And then this pulp is further artificially processed to form Rayon.

That is why it is often called ‘semi synthetic’ i.e synthetic material produced from natural resources

Rayon comes with its own advantages

They are available in various colours.

It is soft, smooth, comfortable and a good absorber of moisture.

They do not allow heat to flow inside, so it can be used in hot and humid weather.

And therefore, rayon is mostly used in clothing industry.

Rayon is mixed with other materials in the textile industry.

Rayon is mixed with cotton to make bedsheets

And it is also mixed with wool to produce carpets

Rayon is similar to other fibres in many aspects

It is chemically identical to cotton but it shines like silk

However rayon has some disadvantages

Manufacturing process of rayon is extremely polluting

Rayon fabric is generally weaker and becomes much weaker when it is wet


Rayon is first obtained from wood pulp

It is soft, smooth, comfortable and highly absorbent

It is mixed with cotton to make bedsheet

Manufacturing process of rayon causes pollution

That's all!