SSS criteria for congruence of triangles

When we observe around us, we see that there are so many things which are identical to each other.

So, for example we can consider a set of spoons which have same shape and size

A bunch of candies in which each candy have the same size and shape.

Similarly, when we consider some bricks, we notice that they have same shape and size.

In maths, all those objects which have same shape and size are called as congruent objects.

Let’s discuss the congruence of triangles.

Suppose, we have a square shaped chocolate.

And we divide it in two equal triangular shapes as,

Here, two sides of the triangle are equal to the two sides of other triangle and one side is common.

So, when the sides of a are equal to the corresponding sides of another triangle, then it is criteria of congruence.

Therefore, we can say that the two triangular parts of the square shaped chocolate are congruent.

Let’s understand the criteria of congruence of triangles with some other condition.

Suppose, two girls are given to draw a christmas tree with given dimensions.

The tree made by the first girl looks like

And the tree made by the second girl looks like

If we observe, both the trees are same

Hence, we can say that “if all the three sides of a triangle are equal to that of the another triangle then the triangles are congruent to each other”.

And it is called “Side Side Side (SSS)” criteria of congruence of triangles.


Two objects are said to be congruent if they have same shape and size.

If the three sides of one triangle are equal to the three sides of the other triangle then the triangles are congruent.

And this criteria of congruence is called Side Side Side(SSS) criteria of congruence.

The End