Uses of Non-Metals

We know that Elements can be classified into three categories

They are: Metals, Metalloids and Non-metals

Non-metals are those which lack all the metallic attributes.

Non-metals comprise of far right side of the periodic table. However Hydrogen is located in the top left corner

Here, we will look at a number of important non-metals and their uses

Let us begin with Oxygen

Oxygen is perhaps the most important non-metal in the world

Because all living things require Oxygen for breathing. Without it, life will perish

Next, we have Nitrogen

It is the most abundant gas in our atmosphere

Nitrogen serves a number of different purposes. It can combine with Hydrogen

And form Ammonia

Ammonia is an active ingredient in fertilizers

Fertilizers are used to raise crops and produce food

We will follow this up by Iodine

Iodine is a halogen with an atomic number of 53

And it is used to produce Tincture of Iodine

This is actually a brownish-violet coloured liquid which has antiseptic properties


Non-metals are those elements which lack metallic attributes. They have a tendency to accept electrons during chemical reactions

A number of non-metals are quite important and serve useful functions

Oxygen is required by all living beings for breathing purposes while Nitrogen produces Ammonia, which is used as a fertilizer

Iodine is used to produce Tincture of Iodine which has antiseptic properties

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