Uses of Non-Metals - II

We are already familiar with Non-metals

These are elements that lack any metallic attributes

Oxygen, Nitrogen, Iodine and so on are important non-metals

A number of non-metallic elements have useful functions

Let us begin our exploration with Chlorine

Chlorine is a gaseous halogen and has germ killing properties

Thus, it is used to make Chlorine tablets

And are used to treat the water of swimming pools

Chlorine is also used to produce Bleaching powder

Next, we move on to Fluorine

Fluorine is also a halogen

and it is an active ingredient in toothpastes

After this, we have Sulphur

In the Periodic Table, Sulphur is located right beneath Oxygen

It is mainly used to produce gunpowder

Finally, we have Phosphorus

Phosphorus belongs to the Nitrogen family

It is primarily used in making Matches

Phosphorus along with Sulphur are also used to create fireworks


Non-metals are elements that lack any metallic attributes. Oxygen, Nitrogen etc are important non-metals

Chlorine has germ killing properties and is used to make Bleaching powder. It is also used in the treatment of swimming pool water

Sulphur is used to make gunpowder. Along with Phosphorus, it is also used in the fireworks industry

The End!