Uses of Petrochemicals and Natural Gas

Petroleum is an important natural resource.

It is so valuable that we call it ‘Black Gold’.

Petrol, Diesel, Paraffin wax, Kerosene, LPG are all obtained from petroleum.

All these petroleum derived products are known as Petrochemicals.

Petrochemicals help in powering our homes and vehicles.

And it is also used to cook and to make candles.

However, the usefulness of Petrochemicals goes far beyond this.

The petrochemicals can be converted into thousands of industrial and consumer products.

Plastic is one is one of the products derived from Petroleum.

It is a versatile, flexible, lightweight and most importantly, a highly durable material.

Due to its characteristics, it is quite popular and widely used in numerous ways.

Bottles, buckets, devices, chairs, toys, containers, boxes all are made up of plastic.

Synthetic fibres like Polyester and Nylon are also derived from Petrochemicals.

And these fibres have many uses. Polyester for instance is used in making ropes, clothes and films.

Another synthetic fibre, nylon, emerged as a substitute for silk when there was a scarcity of silk during World War II.

The use of nylon in making fabrics did not end there, it still continues.

Today nylon is also used to make parachute, fishing nets, ropes etc

The uses of Petrochemicals do not end here

It is also used in making detergents, fertilisers.

Another Fossil fuel called Natural gas is also found in Petroleum reserve.

Natural gas is found just above the petroleum.

The extracted natural gas is compressed under pressure and stored in the form of clear, odourless, non-corrosive gas.

This compressed gas is known as CNG or compressed natural gas.

CNG can be transported through pipelines without any hazards.

So they can be supplied to our homes or in factories using pipelines.

In several parts of India network of pipeline is already been set up to transport CNG.

Natural gas is also used to make chemicals and fertilisers like urea.

High popularity of CNG is because of the advantages it comes with.

CNG is cheaper and causes less air pollution than most other fuels.

This makes it more efficient than traditional petrol, diesel. And are, thus, used to power vehicles.

Because of its use in various fields, Petroleum and Natural gas is considered to be a treasure.

But this treasure will not last forever because of its limited source.

Once the resources are depleted, they will never be available again.

So we have to conserve it and control its reckless use.


Petrochemicals are the products obtained from Petroleum.

Petrochemicals are converted into useful substances like Plastic, Nylon, Polyester Detergent, Fertiliser etc.

Compressed natural gas is known as CNG. It is a clear, odourless, non-corrosive gas.

CNG is used in making fertilizers like urea. It is also used in vehicles as it is cheaper and causes less air pollution.

Both Natural gas and Petroleum are limited. Thus we have to conserve them.

The End