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Air Pollution

Introduction to Air PollutionAir PollutionAir Pollution - IntroductionAir Pollution-BasicAir Pollution, and Noise PollutionAir Pollution (Intermediate) Air Pollution and Pollutants Pollution and Introduction to Air Pollution


  • 0:3welcome to this lesson in which we get
  • 0:6introduced to the first type of
  • 0:8pollution that is air pollution now
  • 0:14beginning with the concept of air
  • 0:16pollution what exactly do you think it
  • 0:18is yes
  • 0:19air pollution means release of
  • 0:22contaminants or release of pollutants in
  • 0:24the air as a result of which quality of
  • 0:27the air will decrease thus we would
  • 0:30define it as say deterioration of
  • 0:46quality of air leading to
  • 0:58humm
  • 1:3- door
  • 1:6living what
  • 1:11correct yes simplest words we can define
  • 1:14air pollution as deterioration in the
  • 1:17quality of air which we breathe leading
  • 1:20to severe harms to the complete living
  • 1:23world
  • 1:24so now let's get introduced to the two
  • 1:27major types of air pollution followed by
  • 1:30the sources of these pollutants so
  • 1:33beginning with types of air pollution
  • 1:45types of these air pollution so the two
  • 1:49major basic types of air pollution
  • 1:52include gaseous and
  • 2:3particulate yes gaseous type of air
  • 2:9pollution and particulate type now as
  • 2:11the name says air pollution in which we
  • 2:14have release of certain toxic gases
  • 2:17correct those gases those chemicals
  • 2:20leading out from industries from
  • 2:22vehicles from combustion of certain
  • 2:24substances yes all those gases which
  • 2:27will mix and spoil or contaminate the
  • 2:30air around us so what do you think will
  • 2:32be in particular type particulate means
  • 2:35small particles may be these particles
  • 2:38are not even visible to our naked eyes
  • 2:40dust particles say talk about silica
  • 2:43particles asbestos particles or even the
  • 2:47form of smog yes smoke and fog together
  • 2:50all these kind of things that we have
  • 2:53around us which are present in my new
  • 2:56particle forms will cause particular
  • 2:58type of air pollution gases affecting
  • 3:2our lives particles small particles
  • 3:4which are again affecting our life two
  • 3:7major types of air pollution so now what
  • 3:11do you think will be the sources of both
  • 3:13the gases as well as the particulate
  • 3:14matter
  • 3:15let's try learning about the sources of
  • 3:22the pollutants when do these pollutants
  • 3:27exactly arrive or where do these
  • 3:30pollutants in the air come from yes two
  • 3:35major sources again first is natural
  • 3:39sources already present in the nature
  • 3:42second has to be human activities so
  • 3:46thus it is man-made sources natural
  • 3:52sources include all the natural
  • 3:55calamities
  • 3:56for example volcano yes when when
  • 3:59working when the lava comes out of the
  • 4:1complete mountain yes
  • 4:3there is lots of smoke coming along with
  • 4:6it that will give rise to a particular
  • 4:8type of air pollution but but that is
  • 4:11natural it is beyond our control yes and
  • 4:14also after that is released
  • 4:17it goes to a higher height yes since it
  • 4:19is very light and weird and that gets
  • 4:22dissolved in the gas yes so any kind of
  • 4:24air pollution that happens because of a
  • 4:26natural calamity will be considered as a
  • 4:29natural type of pollutant correct but
  • 4:33there are certain activities which you
  • 4:34and me carry out every day that give
  • 4:37rise to man-made type of pollutants for
  • 4:41example makers yes commercial of gases
  • 4:45combustion of these petrol and all these
  • 4:46things they may release certain gases
  • 4:48resulting in to pollution yes then
  • 4:51certain factories which give out air in
  • 4:55the form of smoke yes that smoke has
  • 4:57various chemicals and heavy metals
  • 4:59inside it bad results in the form of
  • 5:2pollutants which are affecting the air
  • 5:4correct then let's think about even
  • 5:7certain factories where smoke is not
  • 5:10given directly but burning process is
  • 5:12carried out for example brick factories
  • 5:15yes bricks are made with the help of
  • 5:17burning process that burning is not just
  • 5:20one what do you say one kind of campfire
  • 5:23which we have small amount of wood which
  • 5:25is born and then it is okay no it has
  • 5:28huge amount of complete set up that
  • 5:32burns to give rise to lots of heat and
  • 5:35lots of smoke as a result of which the
  • 5:38air in the surrounding gets polluted so
  • 5:40do you think this is under our control
  • 5:42yes so what do you think we should stop
  • 5:44writing makers no use of petrol use of
  • 5:48diesel yes that comes with some kind of
  • 5:51reasonable and affordable techniques for
  • 5:55example putting certain filters in the
  • 5:57vehicles yes using petrol and diesel to
  • 6:0a lesser extent unnecessary use of
  • 6:3vehicles everything can be stopped
  • 6:5everything can be controlled by us so
  • 6:8that man-made category is under our
  • 6:11control correct this is how we end up
  • 6:14with the complete concept of air
  • 6:17pollution where we learn about
  • 6:18definition of air pollution what are the
  • 6:21two major types of air pollution and
  • 6:23what are the sources of pollutants which
  • 6:25we find that can be either natural or
  • 6:28can be either
  • 6:29made by humans that is by you and me
  • 6:32this was all about air pollution let's
  • 6:34meet up in the next lesson where we talk
  • 6:36about some different types of air
  • 6:37pollutions and certain concerns related
  • 6:40to them thank you

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