How can I use HC Verma for my JEE Preparation? Is there any specific things I should follow?

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Anil Kumar
2 years ago
Hcv theory is not so good but u should cocenterate on questions of exercise
2 years ago

HC verma is a self-sufficient book:

  • It has very good explanation and good theory
  • It has very elegantly solved examples
  • then it has the best objective questions
  • After this an exercises to solve.

Step by step guide:

  1. Read theory and try to understand as much as possible
  2. Then read it again.
  3. Make notes of the theory
  4. Then read solved example and try to understand how to solve them. Try to understand each step and why that step is used. It is important to understand each step. Please do not mug up.
  5. After you have understood all the solved example try to solve them on your own and look where you got stuck.  If you stuck read theory related to it and see the solved example again.
  6. Now solve the exercise, If you solved the problem it is good but if you are not able to solve any question, it is better. It is a point of improvement.  Now look in the solved example for the similar solved problem. Look how you solved it earlier. What you are missing and how you can use two different concept together to solve the complex problem.
  7. Repeat the process for next chapter. Do not rush and move to new chapter before completing any chapter.
  8. If you stuck some where and not able to understand anything, comment here your doubts.

Keep in mind that, target of this exercise is not to teach you physics but to teach you how solve problems and especially problems that you have not solved earlier. If you learn this skill you will be far ahead of others because most of failedJEE aspirants do not know how to solve unknown problem but IIT ask only unknown problems

I found this on quora, by Mayank Jain

Ankit Peet
1 year ago
The examples sorted out are worth it. It has good problems in its exercises but lacks in MCQ. For solving MCQ's you must refer to other good books.