What are some of the best study techniques I can use?

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  • Studying in a group is a well-known concept. Try doing that, it helps in clearing all your doubts and someone can quiz you.
  • Be aware of caffeine in your body: One coffee a day is okay but drinking a lot of caffeine anytime in the evening could be harming you. It takes about 6 hours for one half of the caffeine effects to be eliminated.
  • Sleep is important for your brain to function well and pulling all nighters for studying is a bad thing that will more likely make it more difficult to remember concepts.
  • Use different colors to write notes or highlight important concepts.
  • Don't procrastinate: Eliminate some of the most distracting factors for you.  Tend to make sure that my workspace is clean, my laundry is done, my bed is made, and the trash is taken out, all before I start. Or, knowing myself, I will do all of that instead of studying.
  • Log out. That way when you click that bookmark button or somehow unconsciously end up on Facebook, you won’t see any status updates of your friends.
  • Take rest: There is a time for work, and there is a time to relax. Remember that.
  • reward yourself for any good thing you do: Go out to do something fun, order your favourite chocolate pastries or your favourite pizza.
  • Studying straight facts is the most difficult thing for me. Memorizing, memorizing, memorizing. Making acronyms tends to help me.
  •  Write & Rewrite: Write notes by hand in class but also write by hand again and again to help improve your memory of the material.
  • Know your limits: Before you know it will reach 3am the morning before the test, and you’ll be asleep on your textbook.


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Here is a list of some weird techniques that tricks your mind to remember things you study:

  • Before taking a test, write down all relevant info you think is useful for your exam in a cheatsheet as if you were allowed to bring it with you. Dont take it with you to the exam, but writing at the last moment makes your mind do a quick revision and you can check immediately if you are forgetting something
  • Write down all the important formulas in a sheet when you are donw learning a chapter.
  • Use an app or extension on PC to block distracting sites on your computer for a set period of time
  • Take notes using different colored pens.
  • Take breaks every 40 minutes.
  • For history and anthropology classes, watch a documentary on the topic.
  • While studying, do a short review session at each 20 minute interval of the newly learned material.
  • Take better notes by pretending you’re taking them for someone else.