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Distinguish between traditional methods of farming and modern methods of farming


Difference between traditional methods of farming and modern methods of farming:
Traditional Methods of FarmingModern Methods of Farming
1. The outdated and old methods of farming used from earlier times are known as traditional methods of farming.1. New and scientific methods of farming which are used nowadays are known as modern methods of farming.
2. These methods are time consuming and production is also low.2. There methods are quick, efficient and easy to used and lead to higher production in less time.
3. Old methods like irrigating lands with the help of Persian wheels are used.3. Machinery like tractors and threshers are used.
4. Traditional seeds are used.4. HYV seeds, irrigation, chemical fertilisers, pesticides etc. are used.
5. Farmers are dependent on monsoon rain.5. Farmers are not dependent on monsoon rain as they have provision of tube wells for irrigation.
6. Cow-dung and other natural manure are used as fertilisers.6. Chemical fertilisers are pesticides are used.
7. Traditional farming methods do not require more inputs which are manufactured in industry.7. Modern farming methods required more inputs which are manufactured in industry.

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