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  1. HBBVS


The Mumbai Science Teachers' Association conducts the Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Spardha - HBBVS - since 1981 to encourage students to take an interest in Science, to inculcate a scientific attitude and to search for Science talent in students.

Only students studying in Class 6 and Class 9 can participate in this competition as it is based on the scientific knowledge acquired they have acquired up till then. It is conducted in English and Marathi languages only.

Today, HBBVS has moved beyond just the metros with students from all over Maharashtra taking part in it. This competition is conducted in four stages: written test, practical test, action research project and viva. This is the reason why this competition is so popular among students, parents and teachers.

So far, over 10 lakh candidates have appeared for this competition at 250 centres across Maharashtra.


Only students studying in class 6 and 9 can participate in this exam.


  1. Interested students have to register online through their school only.
  2. Semi-English medium students can select English or Marathi as their medium of instructions for the competition.
  3. Once the language medium has been selected by the student, it remains the same throughout the competition and cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  4. There are two steps involved in the registration process, which are as follows:
    1. School Registration
    2. Student Registration
  5. The school needs to register first, after which, students can then register through the school. No one can go for a personal registration without affiliation to any school.

School Registration

  1. Log on to www.msta.in
  2. Click on ‘Apply Online’.
  3. If your school registered last year and you use last year’s login ID and password, it will be sent by M.S.T.A to you, on your school’s email ID and by SMS. After this, you can register your students.
  4. The schools enrolling for the first time this year should click on ‘New Register.’ It is mandatory.
  5. Fill in all the details correctly. Do not use any short forms.
  6. While filling in the above information, write the complete postal address of the school with the pincode. In case the address is incomplete, M.S.T.A. will not be responsible for a delay in correspondence.
  7. After filling all the details correctly click on ‘Continue’.
  8. You will now will a ‘Login ID’ and ‘Password’ for your school which will be emailed on your school’s email ID. An SMS will also be sent on the registered mobile number of the Science teacher in charge. Save these two for the entire duration of the competition.
  9. Login IDs and Passwords are unique for each school, but will remain common for all students of the same school.
  10. Once you get the Login ID and Password, you have to keep the list of students ready in the following format.
    Sr. No. Name of Candidate (in capital letters) M/F Std. Medium Mob. No. of Email ID of
    Surname First Name Middle Name 6/9 Mar/Eng Parents Parents

Student Registration

  1. Enter your Login ID and Password below ‘Login to your Account’ and click on ‘Submit’.
  2. Make sure that the information displayed on screen pertains to your school only. Click on my profile to confirm your school details. You can update your school details if required.
  3. Click on ‘Add Fees’ and fill up all details. Then click on ‘Submit’.
  4. You can enter the student details by clicking on ‘Add Student’ (one by one)
  5. For bulk registrations, click on ‘Upload Student’ then click on ‘Download Template’. Save this template on your desktop. Now you can log out.
  6. Now open the saved template and fill all the details of students and save it.
  7. Now Log in to your Account and click on ‘Upload Student’. Then click on ‘Browse’ and select the saved template. Once completely filled, click on ‘Save’, then upload your proper fee receipt.
  8. Now click on ‘Export to Excel’ and take a printout.
  9. You can edit students details by clicking on the action button provided in front of the student name.

Registration Fees

  1. Collect the fee as above. Keep Rs. 10 per student as a processing fee for the entire competition.
  2. Deposit the remaining amount (Rs. 180 per student) in favour of The Greater Bombay Science Teachers’ Association’, Current A/C No. 32322190475, Malad (W) Branch of State Bank of India (through any SBI branch).
  3. To deposit the fees, download SBI Bank’s challan form from www.msta.in & fill it up carefully.
  4. Get the transaction ID or J-No. from SBI Bank and note it on the paying slip.

Note that Transaction ID/J-No. is necessary for online registration.


Sr. No. Description Details
1 Accepting Online Entry Forms 1st to 16th July, 2016 (with regular fees)
17th to 25th July, 2016 (with late fees of Rs.30 per student)
2 Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition - Written Test Saturday, 1st October, 2016 (3:30 pm to 5:30 pm)
3 Result - Written Test 2nd Week of November, 2016 (Tentative)
4 Practical Competition VI Standard - Sunday, 11th December, 2016
IX Standard - Sunday, 18th December, 2016
5 Practical Competition Result Declaration Thursday, 5th January, 2017
6 Interview (for VI and IX standard students) Sunday, 19th February, 2017
7 Prize Distribution Sunday, 5th March, 2017


For Class 6 exam: The syllabus is based on textbooks of Class 5 and 6 of SSC syllabus and is related to content from ICSE and CBSE books of class 6.

  • Class 5
  • Class 6
  1. Living Things
  2. Plant Life
  3. Animal Life
  4. Interdependence In Nature
  5. Bones And Muscles
  6. The Nervous System
  7. Food And Health
  8. Safety And First Aid
  9. Rocks And Minerals
  10. Soil Erosion and Conservation
  11. Air, Water And Weather
  12. The Moon
  13. Simple Machines
  14. The Environment
  15. Natural Calamities
  1. Our Food
  2. Playing with Magnets
  3. Rain: Where Does It Come From
  4. What Do Animals Eat
  5. Materials and Things
  6. Habitat
  7. Separation of Substances
  8. Fibre to Fabric
  9. Plants: Parts and Functions
  10. Changes Around Us
  11. Water in Our Life
  12. Simple Electric Circuits
  13. Learning How to Measure
  14. Movements in Animals
  15. Lights, Shadows and Images
  16. Living and Non-Living

For Class 9 exam: The syllabus is based on textbooks of Classes 7, 8 and 9 of SSC Science syllabus and is related to content from ICSE and CBSE books of Class 9.

  • Class 7
  • Class 8
  • Class 9
  1. Food Components
  2. Acids And Bases
  3. Animal Fibre
  4. Motion And Time
  5. Temperature And Its Measurement
  6. Weather, Climate and Adaptation of Animals to Climate
  7. Electricity
  8. Air, Winds And Cyclones
  9. Reflection Of Light
  10. Nutrition In Plants
  11. Respiration In Organisms
  12. Reproductions In Plants
  13. Seed Dispersal
  14. Water
  15. Soil: Our Life
  16. Forest: Our Life
  17. Changes Around Us
  1. Force
  2. Friction
  3. Sound
  4. Some Natural Phenomena
  5. Stars And The Solar System
  6. Synthetics Fibres And Plastics
  7. Metals And Non Metals
  8. Coal And Petroleum
  9. Combustion, Fuels And Flame
  10. Electrical Conductivity Of Liquids
  11. What Is Science
  12. Cell - The Basic Unit Of Life
  13. Story Of Micro Organisms (Part I & Part II)
  14. Reproduction In Animals
  15. Reaching The Age Of Adolescence
  16. Biodiversity And Its Conservation
  17. Different Ecosystems
  18. Food Production From Plants Methods Of Management
  19. Production And Management Of Food From Animals
  20. Not For Drink Not For Health
  21. Why Do We Fall Ill?
  1. Motion
  2. Laws Of Motion
  3. Gravitation
  4. Work And Energy
  5. Sound
  6. Matter Around Us
  7. Is Matter Pure?
  8. Atoms And Molecules
  9. What Is Inside The Atom?
  10. Floating Bodies
  11. Plant Tissues
  12. Animal Tissues
  13. Movement Of Materials Across The Cell Membrane
  14. Diversity In Living Organisms
  15. Sense Organs
  16. Animal Behaviour
  17. Challenges In Improving Agriculture Products
  18. Adaptations
  19. Soil Protection
  20. Bio Geo Chemicals

Less emphasis is given for knowledge-based questions and more emphasis for understanding, reasoning, correlation etc. Questions related to general knowledge in Science are based on topics like ‘happenings of the last year’ and science around ‘day to day life’.

Exam Pattern and Selection Process

These are the following phases of competition:

  1. Written Test
  2. Practical Test
  3. Interview
  4. Evaluation of Action Research Project

The distribution of the marks is given below:

  1. Class 6 :
    Phase 1: Written Test
    Questions Total Marks Duration
    100 Multiple Choice Questions 100 90 minutes

    Selection Procedure:

    • Students scoring more than 35 marks will get a Passing Certificate.
    • The top 7.5% students from the total number of candidates will be eligible for Phase 2 and will get a Certificate of Merit.
    Phase 2: Practical Test
    Experiments Total Marks Duration
    6 30 90 minutes

    Selection for Phase 3:

    • Top 10% students will be considered for Phase 3.
    • Students must have secured minimum 30% in Phase 1 and Phase 2.
    Phase 3: Interview
    Marks Total Duration
    30 5 to 10 minutes
    Phase 4: Evaluation of Action Research Project
    Marks Total Duration
    30 5 to 10 minutes
  2. Class 9 :
    Phase 1: Written Test
    Questions Total Marks Duration
    100 Multiple Choice Questions 100 90 minutes

    Selection Procedure:

    • Students who score more than 35 marks will get a Passing Certificate.
    • The top 7.5% students from the total number of candidates will be eligible for Phase 2 and will also get a Certificate of Merit.
    Phase 2: Practical Test
    Experiments Total Marks Duration
    1 in Physics 10 10 minutes
    1 in Chemistry 10 10 minutes
    1 in Biology 10 10 minutes

    Selection for Phase 3:

    • The top 10% students will be considered for Phase 3.
    • Students must have secured a minimum of 30% in Phase 1 and Phase 2.
    Phase 3: Interview
    Marks Total Duration
    30 5 to 10 minutes
    Phase 4: Evaluation of Action Research Project
    Marks Total Duration
    30 5 to 10 minutes

Scholarships and Awards

Considering 30% marks of Phase I + Marks of Phase II and Phase III + Marks of Phase IV:

  • The top 10% will get a Gold Medal, a certificate and a scholarship of Rs. 1500.
  • The next 60% will get a Silver Medal, a certificate and a scholarship of Rs. 1000.
  • The remaining candidates will get a Bronze Medal, a certificate and a scholarship of Rs. 500.

The selection of students in each phase for Mumbai, Thane and rest of Maharashtra is done separately for each standard and medium.

Please Note:

  • Re-evaluation of the theory paper is not allowed.
  • The passing certificates will be sent to the respective schools and students can collect it from there.

Study Material

  • SSC, ICSE and CBSE Board textbooks.
  • Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition, Publisher: Menaka Prakashan Pune.
  • Sample questions from the Official Book of MTSA which has question banks for class 6 and class 9 in both English and Marathi mediums.

Some important points to remember while studying for HBBVS are:

  • A majority of the questions will be from SSC board text books, so studying from them is mandatory.
  • Questions related to general knowledge in science will be based on topics like latest news and Science around day to day life.
  • Question banks only give you general information about the examination and the sample questions.
  • Experimental questions are given priority over other questions. Hence, make sure you read all the experiments given in your textbooks.

Previous Years’ Papers

  1. Here are some previous years’ questions papers for Classes 6 and 9:
  2. Practical Examination Information:
  3. Action Research Project Information:
  4. Interview Information

Cut-off and Previous Years’ Exam Results

Cut-off for Practicals in 2015-16

Region/STD Mumbai Thane/Raigad ROM
Class 6 English 61 61 62
Class 6 Marathi 54 63 63
Class 9 English 52 52 52
Class 9 Marathi 41 41 49

Cut-off for VIVA in 2015-2016

Region/STD Mumbai Thane/Raigad ROM
Class 6 English 40.1 40.7 41.9
Class 6 Marathi 33.4 35.3 40.1
Class 9 English 36 36.7 32.9
Class 9 Marathi 25.3 26 27.1

Clearing Doubts

It is natural for students to have doubts about this competition and it is equally important to get these doubts cleared. Clearing your doubts about a concept will help you understand it better and might be the difference between answering a question correctly or incorrectly. At the same time, test series or mock test are very important to stand in front of the competition. Toppr brings you a community of experts who have cleared the HBBVS competition and are eager to help clear your doubts with great insights.

You can always visit us at our Doubt page and check the doubts asked by other students or ask your own. This will help you understand the problems other students are facing and get clarity about the competition.

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