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What do I get on Toppr?

At Toppr we have broken down studying into 4 parts:
- The Learn section gives you hundreds of hours of video classes, concept notes and study material.
- The Practice section adapts to your progress and gives you the right questions, sets and adaptive tests to practice.
- In the Doubts section you can ask a question and a tutor will respond to you instantly. You can even upload a picture of your question.
- The Tests section gives you real exam practice and lets you compete with lakhs of students from around the country.

I go to a coaching class, why should I use Toppr?

Whether a student uses coaching classes or other ways to supplement school teaching, a large part of learning is self study. It helps you make the most of your limited time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace; ask questions 24x7 and take tests with lakhs of students. Toppr provides guidance like a personal tutor. Toppr learns about you, adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

Which books do I need with Toppr?

Toppr has a question bank that has more than 2 lakh questions, with hints, solutions. Toppr has more than 500 hours of video lectures and concept notes. These are neatly organised into chapters and topics. Also depending on your progress Toppr shows you exactly what you need right now. So with Toppr, everything you need is available at the tap of a button. You will never need a book!


Can I use Toppr for free?

Joining Toppr is absolutely free. You can try it out to see how Toppr works. To take full advantage of Toppr, you will have to subscribe to a paid package.

What is the Basic package?

The Basic package has 3 lakh+ practice questions and 250+ tests. Practice questions have hints & solutions and the tests come in the form of test series & previous years' papers.

What is the Master package?

The Master package has 3 lakh+ practice questions and 1000+ hours of video lectures. Practice questions have hints & solutions. Video lectures also have notes and study links for all the chapters in your syllabus.

What is the Advanced package?

The Advanced package has 3 lakh+ practice questions, 1000+ hours of video lectures and 250+ tests. Practice questions have hints & solutions. Video lectures have chapter notes. Tests are in the form of test series & previous years' papers.

What is the Ultimate package?

The Ultimate package has everything that's available on Toppr: Learn, Practice, Tests, and Doubts. This includes 3 lakh+ questions, 1000+ hours of video lectures, 250+ tests, previous years' papers, and Doubts for clearing doubts.

What is the Learn module?

The Learn module has 1000+ hours of video lectures for all the chapters in your syllabus. This comes with readymade notes with definitions, examples, and external study links.

What is the Practice module?

The Practice module has 3 lakh+ questions, which have hints and solutions. After practicing the question sets for a given concept, you get an instant report of your performance.

What is the Doubts module?

The Doubts module is a 24*7 doubts clearing module where you get instant answers from our subject matter experts. You can ask doubts in the text chat and also attach images.

What is the Tests module?

The Tests module has 250+ tests in the form of test series and previous years' papers. Test series has 'full syllabus' and 'part syllabus' tests. Previous papers are of last 5 years. Once you attempt a test, you get a detailed report of your performance.


How can I pay for Toppr?

You can pay for Toppr using a credit/debit card, net-banking, and using most online wallets. You can even request for a cash pickup and we will pick up cash from your doorstep. If you want to pay any other way, just email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to help.

Can I pay in instalments?

We offer multiple ways in which you can pay in instalments. We support EMIs from all major credit card providers. We also let you pay in instalments using major online wallets. Please note that these instalments are subject to the approval of the respective payment providers.

I am a good student, but cannot afford to pay. Can you give me a scholarship?

We do not think your circumstances should stop your learning. Do email us at [email protected] with some details on your marks and performance and we will try to offer you a scholarship on the basis of your merit to cover some part of your costs of using Toppr. This is entirely at our discretion.

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