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Mock Tests

Test your preparation and be ready for any school, board, or competitive exams

Take All India test series

Be exam-ready with all India test series and previous papers. In the days before your exam, take all India test series to know where you stand at the national level. Develop exam strategies and learn time management by solving previous years’ question papers.

Create your own tests

Want to practice a particular chapter and see how many questions can you solve in a set amount of time? You can create your own mock test in under a minute, and work towards improving your weaknesses and using your strengths.

Get detailed performance reports

Know how many questions have you attempted, your accuracy, and the average time that you take to answer a question with detailed reports. These help you track your performance in tests and highlight the areas to work on and learn better.

Learn better and be exam-ready with Mock Tests

Solve previous year papers, attempt all India level mock tests, or create one on your own and challenge your friends. Mock tests on Toppr are created to help you create exam strategies and polish your weak subjects. Find out how well prepared you are by taking as many mock tests as you can, all in one place.