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Telophase – Definition and Explanation

What is Telophase?

Telophase is the 5th and final stage of the mitosis. Besides, it is a process that separates the copied genetic material. That the nucleus of a parent cell carries into 2 alike daughter cells. Moreover, the telophase starts once the copied, paired genes split up. Also, the process pulls the opposite sides, or poles, of a cell.

However, during telophase, each set of genes have a nuclear membrane around it. These separate the nuclear DNA from the cytoplasm. In addition, the genes start uncoiling which makes them diffuse and decreases the impact. Along with telophase, the cell undergoes a process we call cytokinesis.


Telophase Definition

During this process, it reverses the effects of the prophase and the pro-metaphase. As the genes arrive at the cell poles, a nuclear envelope reassembles around each set of the chromatids. After that, the nucleoli reappear, and genes start to lose its texture.

Then it gets back into the chromatin that expands and is present during the interphase. The mitotic spindle disassembles and the remaining spindle microtubules depolymerize (breaks down to monomers).

Telophase accounts for about 2% of the duration of the cycle. The process typically starts before the late telophase.

When complete it segregates the two daughter nuclei between a pair of the separate daughter cells. The dephosphorylation of mitotic cyclin-dependent kinase substrates primarily drives the telophase.

Mitosis Definition

In the eukaryotic cells, mitosis or cell division is a process that causes nuclear cell division. It occurs when a parent cell divides to produce 2 identical daughter cells. During cell division, the mitosis refers specifically to the separation of the copied genetic material that a nucleus carries.

Mitosis usually has a division of five stages that we call prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.

Besides, during the process of mitosis, there is no cell growth.  At this time, all of the cellular energy has its focus on the division of a cell. During prophase, the copied pairs of the genes condense and also compact themselves. The pairs of the genes that reproduced, we call them sister chromatids.

In addition, they remain together at a central point that we call the centromere. A large structure i.e. the mitotic spindle also forms from the long proteins. We call these as microtubules on each side, or pole, of the cell.

Cytokinesis Definition

It is the physical process of the division of a cell. Also, it separates and divides the cytoplasm of a parental cell into two daughter cells. It mainly occurs with two types of nuclear divisions that are mitosis and meiosis.

These occur in animal cells. In addition, mitosis and each of the two meiotic divisions. This results in 2 separate nuclei present in a single cell. And it performs an essential and important process for separating the cell in half.

Also, it ensures that one nucleus ends up in one daughter cell. Further, it starts during the time of nuclear division. And we call it anaphase and continues through the telophase.

A ring of protein thread that we also call as the contractile ring forms around the equator of the cell. And just below the plasma membrane. The contractile ring shrinks at the equator of the cell.

Moreover, the contractile ring shrinks to the point that there are two different separate cells. Each of them bound by its own plasma membrane.

Solved Question For You

Ques. Choose any one statement that doesn’t agree with the metaphase 1?

a) Only one kinetochore presents 1 gene
b) Genes pull apart by spindle fibres
c) There exists an attraction between the homologous
d) The line along with an equatorial plate

Ans. The correct answer is option C.

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