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Characteristics of Good Business Writing


You express your ideas, thoughts, emotions, and facts by communicating. And, your way of expressing differs from person to person and situation to situation. Similarly, in the business world, we need to communicate or share our ideas and problems. The sharing of information between people for profits in any business is business communication. These people may be within or outside an organization. In this section, we will learn about business communication. Also, we will know its characteristics and its features.

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Business Communication

Communication is a process by which two or more persons exchange their thoughts and ideas among themselves. One can share information, facts, and thoughts through communication. If the communication is related to business then it is a business communication.

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Any communication related to law, administration, finance, trade, management etc. are business communication. A good communication helps in reaching the target of a business firm. It is a two–way process. It is a continuous process. There are some elements for making a business communication useful, and clear.

business communication

Elements of Business Communication

It basically consists of six basic elements. They are:

  1. Message – Information or point to convey
  2. Sender – He/she makes contact or giving information
  3. Receiver – The one for which the message is meant for
  4. A channel – A medium through which the message is transmitted
  5. Symbols – These are the words, actions, and signs used by the sender while communicating with the receiver
  6. Feedback – The last element of business communication. These are basically the responses of the receiver for the sender

The Objective of Business Communication

There are some purposes of business communication. They are

  • All round development of an organization
  • Improve mutual understanding
  • Providing training
  • Developing plans
  • Giving information
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Explaining the idea or problem
  • Conveying the idea or decision
  • Encouraging others to take action
  • Getting participation in developing a solution to a problem
  • Supporting employees
  • Giving warnings
  • Building trustworthiness

Characteristics of Business Communication

  • The business communication must be realistic in nature
  • It must avoid the imaginary or useless information for saving time
  • Any business communication must have a clear purpose or target. There should be no doubt in communication.
  • The concerned audience must be targeted
  • The language used for targeting audience must not be attacking
  • It must be a real exchange of information
  • One cannot use any metaphor, poetic phrases or creative figures of speech
  • It must be clear and brief
  • Always use polite and well-mannered words while communicating
  • It must be influential
  • It must be based on facts and figures
  • There must not be any personal opinion
  • It must be based on mutual understanding
  • One must use the exact format for business writing
  • It is for providing information, advice, instruction, support or conveying a suggestion
  • It can be used to give a warning or valuing good work

Steps for Effective Business Communication

  • Remove assumptions
  • Listen first and then speak
  • Find a good place and time for all to be involved in conversation
  • Ask questions
  • Pay attention to verbal and nonverbal messages
  • Be patient

Solved Examples on Business Communication

Question 1: Choose the correct options.

Communication is a _____

  1. Three-way process
  2. One way process
  3. Two-way process
  4. Four-way process

Solution: 3. Two-way process.

Question 2: Choose the correct options.

Feedback is a listener’s _____

  1. A verbal review of the message
  2. Hate to a message
  3. Acceptance of a message
  4. Verbal or nonverbal responses to a message

Solution: 4. Verbal or nonverbal responses to a message

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