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Entrepreneurship – Creativity and Innovation

Principles of Creativity

“Creative thinking inspires ideas, and these ideas inspire change”. Creativity and creative thinking are very important aspects of any business, especially entrepreneurship. They are the bedrock of innovation. Let us learn about the Principles of Creativity.

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Creativity can take many forms. It is the ability to create or innovate something new, the skill to create something new from nothing. It also the generation of new and innovative ideas or a unique application of old ideas. The adapting, combining, application of existing ideas also require creativity.

Principles of Creativity

Actually, every person has a creative side or aspect of their personality. It only requires exploration and application. And creativity actually is very hard work because the only talent is not enough. Any creative process requires a tremendous amount of commitment and passion.

Principles of Creativity

As we saw, every person is creative, i.e. is capable of creativity. This creativity of every individual is composed of three main components. So we will take a look at these three aspects in some detail.


Expertise basically encompasses the knowledge of a person. This means intellectual knowledge, procedural knowledge, technical knowledge all combined together. Usually, it talks about all the knowledge a person has in a specific field, i.e. in his domain.

And expertise and creativity are closely related. While it is not important to have a creative side to attain expertise in one’s field, the opposite tends to be true. Creativity generally does demand some level of expertise.

Creativity Thinking Skills

Another one of the Principles of Creativity is creative thinking. Creative thinking is associated with how one approaches a problem or difficult situation. It involves finding a unique and creative solution to any unanswered question or problem. It is basically “thinking outside the box”i.e., having a new perspective about something routine.

New ideas, intelligent solutions, unique collaborations and combinations all are a part of creative thinking. It exhibits the flexibility and imagination power of a person. Creative thinking is stimulated by both structured processes such as lateral thinking and unstructured processes such as brainstorming.


Motivation is the driving force behind an individual. It is the desire that pushes a person to initiate any action or behaviour or sustain such behaviours as well. Motivation is a very big part of any persons work environment. It really defines the success of any endeavour.

Even in creativity, motivation plays a huge role. Creativity is not an easy process, it requires efforts and hard work. If the person lacks motivation, he may give up easily without sufficient efforts.

And the lack of results can be blamed on lack of creativity. But if a person is truly motivated, and works towards his problems a creative solution can always be attained.

Solved Question on Principles of Creativity

Q: What are the two types of motivation?

Ans: There are two basic types of motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic

  • Intrinsic Motivation is the motivation that generates from within oneself. It is the drive a person has to do something or to continue to do something. Includes certain biological drives such as hunger, pain, sleep etc.
  • Extrinsic Motivation: Such motivation origates in our external environment. Includes motives such as bonuses, rewards, promotions, prizes etc.
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