Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship Meaning

A Social Entrepreneurship is an organization that uses business methods to address a social or environmental problem in an innovative way. In this article, we will look at the social entrepreneurship meaning and also look at what defines a social entrepreneur.

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Concept of Social Entrepreneurship

In today’s times, social entrepreneurship is a revolution across the world. People from different walks of life are creating and implementing effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions to battle social and environmental challenges. Now, these solutions can include services and products for both profits or for a non-profit purpose.

social entrepreneurship

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Social Entrepreneur Meaning and Definition

According to Greg Dees, co-founder of the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University and a member of the Impact Entrepreneurs advisory board –

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are persistent and ambitious, tackle major social issues and offer new ideas for a wide-scale change.

Usually, people leave the societal needs to the government or the business sectors. However, social entrepreneurs tend to identify areas that are not working efficiently in the current system. They try to solve the problem by changing it, spreading the awareness about the solution, and persuading people to be a part of the change.

As a common trait, social entrepreneurs are obsessed with their ideas and commit their lives to change. They are visionaries. Because they want to see a society without problems. Further, they are much practical, as they are always in the concern for the possibility of their ideas.

They also present ideas that are user-friendly, ethical, easily understandable and engage widespread support. This ensures that local people stand up, grab their idea, and implement it. In simple words, every leading social entrepreneur is a mass recruiter of people who wants a change in their society. Therefore, he is a role model who tells people that their actions can do anything. In the last two decades, social entrepreneurship has grown based on the understanding that new methods, ways, or ideas are key to the solution of problems in the society.

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Why a Social Entrepreneur?

Like regular business entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs work as agents of change for the society. They look for opportunities that include improving the systems, inventing new approaches, and also to create solutions that can change society for the better. Now, a business entrepreneur can create an entirely new industry. Similarly, a social entrepreneur can come up with new solutions to the problems of society, implement them on a large scale, and change the face of society. Social entrepreneurs build a social enterprise which is nothing but a business with social objectives that seek benefits for the society. Now, here are some examples of leading social entrepreneurs:

  • Susan B. Anthony (U.S.) – She fought for Women’s Rights in the United States of America. Her fight included the right to control property and helped spearhead the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.
  • Vinoba Bhave (India) – He was the founder and leader of the Land Gift Movement. Under this movement, he caused the redistribution of more than 7,000,000 acres of land to help India’s untouchables and landless.
  • Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy) – She developed the Montessori approach to early childhood education.
  • Florence Nightingale (U.K.) – She was the founder of modern nursing. Further, she established the first school for nurses and fought to improve hospital conditions.
  • Margaret Sanger (U.S.) – She was the founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Under this federation, she led the movement for family planning efforts around the world.
  • John Muir (U.S.) – He was a naturalist and a conservationist. He established the National Park system and also helped in finding The Sierra Club.
  • Jean Monnet (France) – He was responsible for the reconstruction of the French economy following World War II. Further, his work included the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).

How social entrepreneurs play the role of change agents?

  • They adopt a mission to create and sustain social value, not just private value. Further, they recognize and relentlessly pursue new opportunities that serve the mission.
  • Also, they engage in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation, and learning.
  • Further, they act boldly without being limited by the resources in hand.
  • Finally, they exhibit accountability to the ones they serve and are also accountable for the outcomes.

Solved Question on Social Entrepreneurship

Q1. What are social entrepreneurs?

Answer: Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing societal problems. Further, they are persistent and ambitious, tackle major issues of the society, and offer new objectives for a wide-scale change.

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