CBSE Class 10 Question Papers

Previous Year Social Science Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 2017

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2017

This CBSE Class 10 Social Science question paper 2017 includes the question paper that will help you in getting accurate meaning and important topic and all the chapter of the book. In addition, it will assist you to get good marks. Besides, it also helps you to prepare a move toward the exam. Also, it gives you an idea of what is important and what is not from the examination’s viewpoint.

In addition, practicing on a continuous basis will help you to score good grades. Furthermore, it will assist you to memorize the answer in your mind for a long duration so that, you can give a complete answer in the exams. It will help you to identify and spotlight all important topics.

At Toppr we advise student’s to try those question first which they know correctly and after that try other questions. Also, administer your time during the paper is the key to scoring good marks in the exam. Besides, students should try to fix a border for solving each question in the exam as this will give them enough time to revise and check their answers. So, Signup or download the Android or iOS app charge free.

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CBSE for Class 10 for Social Science Question Paper for 2017

The subject is divided into various branches who when combined make the whole paper. Also, the marks are equally divided into each subject. In addition, this question paper will help them to understand the chapter properly.

Sub-topics of the CBSE Class 10 Social Science

Contemporary India– II

1- Resources and Development- This chapter talks about all the resources and development in India.

2- Forest and Wildlife Resources- This chapter quotes all the wildlife and forest resources in India.

3- Water Resources- This chapter explains the various water resources and scarcity problem in India.

4- Agriculture- This chapter outlines the agriculture process in India.

5- Minerals and Energy Resources- This chapter discusses all the minerals and resources that we found in India.

6- Manufacturing Industries- This chapter talks about all the manufacturing industries that we can find in India.

7- Lifelines of National Economy- This chapter discusses the transport network of India.

Understanding Economic Development

1- Development- This Chapter discusses the economic development of the country.

2- Sectors of Indian Economy- This Chapter defines the various sectors of the Indian economy.

3- Money and Credit- This Chapter outlines the use of money and credit system and various details related to it.

4- Globalisation and the Indian Economy- This Chapter discusses the impact of Globalisation on the Indian economy.

5-Consumer Rights- This chapter describes consumer rights of the Indian citizens.

India and the Contemporary World– II

1- The Rise of Nationalism in Europe- This Chapter discusses the rise of nationalism in Europe and its impact.

2- Nationalism in India- This Chapter defines the rise and consequences of nationalism in India.

3- The Making of a Global World- This Chapter quotes all the pre-historic means that make India a global market spot for counties.

4- The Age of Industrialisation- This Chapter talks about how industrialization started and expanded.

5- Print Culture and the Modern World- This Chapter discusses how writing started and how it developed to printing.

Democratic Politics– II

1- Power-sharing- This Chapter defines what is power-sharing and how it helps.

2- Federalism- This Chapter describes what is a federal country and how it helps.

3- Democracy and Diversity- This Chapter the diversity of the country and how democracy helps to maintain it.

4- Gender, Religion, and Caste- This Chapter describes the gender, caste and religion discrimination and the laws that stop them.

5- Popular Struggles and Movements- This Chapter mentions the entire popular struggle that helps in the freedom of India.

6- Political Parties- This Chapter defines all the major political parties in India.

7- Outcomes of Democracy- This Chapter defines the outcomes that democracy has to face.

8- Challenges to Democracy- This Chapter describes the challenges faced by democracy.

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